Is it true that money controls conventional but not alternative treatment?
An argument that is frequently used against conventional medicine is, that it is  controlled by the pharmaceutical industry ("Big Pharma"), who doesn´t really want a cure because of the money involved. Tullio Simoncini also claims that the reason for his theory not being accepted by the mainstream medical community is, that the oncologists are controlled by the pharmaceutical companies. 

It is possible that Tullio Simoncini regards pathologists as innocent bystanders as they only get to examine the superficial reactive (red) parts of the cancers. As shown elsewhere on this site, that is incorrect.

For the record pathologists sometimes make a diagnosis of cancer, sometimes of fungal infection and sometimes something else. Their paychecks stay just the same. Occasionally pathologists are accused of being controlled by the pharmaceutical industry.

Furthermore in some cases pathologists perform diagnostic tests to see if a particular chemo-treatment actually will work. In other words:
Pathologists reduce the income of pharmaceutical companies. Examles are:

- Hercep-test (breast cancer)
- K-RAS mutation analysis (Colo-rectal cancer)

It is hardly ever mentioned, that also alternative treatment is a profitable industry. In USA alone 33.9 billion $ was spent in 2007. Source
And sometimes they go to as far as making legal threats against blogging critics.

A fair question to raise is if Tullio Simoncini makes profits from his "treatments". 
On various web sites promoting alternative cancer treatments it says:

 "Simoncini Treatment ($3 for the entire treatment) (Baking Soda)" and
"... an infustion of 500CC with 5% bicarbonate of soda in the vein, every day for 6 days, then 6 days with nothing, and so on until 24 total infusions. After that check with a scan whether cancer is cleared."

If you search Tullio Simoncinis or any of his proponents websites you wont find a price list. The only way for a (potential) patient to find out the price is to ask him. And chances are that the patients are not told before they are convinced that his treatment is one they want (desperately need). On candid camera Tullio Simoncini told a person who pretended to be a patient that the treatment costs  7.750 euros (~11.000 $) , and an additional 3.700 euros (~5.000 $) for a stay at his clinic.

Another case involving treatment by Tullio Simoncini himself is also known:

"...he’s having my friend’s father travel to a
doctor outside Belgrade (yes, in Serbia) to have a catheter put into this brain (at a cost of 20.000 euros (~ 26.000 $) cash), and then to Rome for Simonici to “oversee” infusion of sodium bicarbonate directly into the tumor (for 150 euros (~ 195 $)/day, cash)." The patient died during the treatment (As a direct consequence of the treatment), but the relatives still payed him approximately 40.000 $ (28,000 Euros) in cash. (Source)

Other examples of expensive Tullio Simoncini treatments

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