What is the red surface of (some) cancers made of ??
Tullio Simoncini claims that the red surface is made of reactive cells, and that they are the cells that are seen on biopsies of cancers. Furthermore he claims that these reactive cells encase the white fungal colony. As seen on the photos of cancer slices  there are no brims of reactive red (brown due to fixation) structures around the deeper parts of cancers. In the photo below you can see that the red colour in reality are red blood cells in dilated capillaries. And the white below consists of cancer cells embedded in the cancer stroma.

It is a common misinformation promoted by alternative practitioners, that cancers are sourrounded by some sort of encasing, that separates them from the normal structures of the affected organ. According to them surgeons disrupts this "protective layer" as part of the surgical procedure, thus provoking the spread of the cancer.

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