It is quite easy to find web sites heavily supporting Simoncinis theory. This collection of links will take you to sites that at the moment of writing is harder to find on a simple internet search. They are basically skeptic to Simoncinis idea, but they do allow proponents to have a saying too. 

# Thread on JREF forum
# Thread on Scienceblogs (Respectful insolence)
# Article on Cancer treatment watch
How to evaluate cancer cure testimonials - Including an 
  example from Simoncinis website

#  My malignant melanoma (Seans blog)  - Simoncini entry
What´s the harm? -Does not focus on Tullio Simoncini, but
   describes cases of harm caused by uncritical embracement
   of various other alternative ideas
Why we need science: "I saw it with my own eyes" is not
Does not focus on Simoncini, but does explain why
   his line of thinking about science is wrong.
Here Be Dragons - A 40 min. long video on critical thinking.
   Absolutely worth the time.