This photo shows the border of a cancer, where you can see normal tissue on the left. Also notice the red material superficial in the cancer. This is blood in capillaries, and not reactive cells.

In this cancer we find a peace of vegetable. You may very well find it ridiculous that vegetables cause cancer. But most cancerpatients contain vegetables. This photo shows that vegetables can be deeply rooted in cancer. With this photo a theory saying that cancer is a vegetable is far better documented than the theory that cancer is a fungus. To add to the absurdity one could also claim that this information is being suppressed by the "big farmers".


In several video appearences Tullio Simoncini points at white masses in cancers,telling the viewers that they are "clearly visible fungal colonies". The photos below are "close ups" of the white inside a cancer (Click for enlargement). And if you think that perhaps Candida could look something like that, You should chek This   out.

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