Tullio Simoncinis views on cancer anatomy
Criticism of Tullio Simoncinis claims

Listed here are claims that Tullio Simoncini make in various videos. Just follow the links to see why these claims are wrong.

# 1:
Cancers are white.
#2:  The white in cancers are fungal colonies.
#3: On the surface cancers are covered with reactive cells ,
      and they are red.
A pathologist only gets to examine the superficial   
      reactive cells (
the red ones) - Not the white mass (fungus)
Biopsy of cancers lead to relase of fungi into the blood
thus creating metastasis.
The reason that it is not known to mainstream doctors that
      cancers are fungi is, that the information is supressed by
      the pharmaceutical companies.
#7: The idea is backed up by conventional scientific data

#8: Treating cancer as if it is a fungus is safe and effective