James Nyangute

A good harvest....

...is a nice sight, but after the harvesting a hard and tiresome job awaits you: turning your grains into usable flour.

Grinding with traditional grinding stones is not just tiresome, is may also contaminate your flour with particles from the grinding stones, which can leed to excessive wear or even more traumatic damage to your teeth when you eat the product.

There is however a solution to both problems:

Kilgoris Milling Co.

Kilgoris Milling Co. undertakes grinding of all kinds of grain, such as wheet, maise, barley etc.

The grinding is done in a Posho-mill, which ensures a good and uniform quality of the produced flour:

The mill is made entirely from metal parts, which rules out the prescence of any rock material in the product as seen when using grinding-stones.

So - spare your back and your teeth - by letting Kilgoris Milling Co. do your grinding for you.

Contact us now...

Call me - James Nyangute / Oigara Nyaa - at (+254) 0702 93 69 82 for prices and directions to the company - or send me an email at jno93nyangute@gmail.com

You can also contact me via my Facebook profile.
CEO James Nyangute / Oigara Nyaa

About me

I was born in 1974 and live in Kilgoris town in the western part of Kenya - together with my wife Hellen and my son Braddy (8 years old in 2015).

Besides being the CEO of Kilgoris Milling Co., I am doing small scale farming to sustain me and my family.

I used to drive a Boda Boda (motorbike taxi), but had to give it up when my motorbike was damaged beyond repair.

In 2010 I was appointed Pens for Kids Ambassador, which means that I am a contact person for the charity organisation Pens for Kids, and distribute scholastic materials from the parenting Pens for Kids organisations in Europe and Canada - or directly from donors - to underprivileged kids in my local community - free of charge.

I receive no payment for this voluntary work, but the founder of Pens for Kids Denmark - Claus Hjørnet - has helped me finance my Posho-mill through a sponsorate from his company ScandeNOx Aps. - www.scandenox.dk
My son Braddy at 6