Liat is born on the 1. July 2010. She is daughter of Russian Champion, Russian GR Champion Houm Tet A Tet Maradona and Shep's You Are So Precious. She is out of a litter of two blue girls and one blue boy - all lovely coloured.
She is bred by Satu Havukainen, Hawkfield's Collies in Finland

Liat 8 1/2 months old.
Liat got her names from a famous Broadway movie!

In the movie Liat is the beautiful daughter of the Tonkinese woman Bloody Mary in the Rodgers and Hammerstein musical "South Pacific".
and her pedigree name has ben taken from one of the songs...

I brought her home in September 2010 and she took the flight and all the new experiences as it was something she did every day.

She is a girl with a sweet and loving caracter. She remind me a lot of her mother becourse she do so many funny things too - she is a very good help when the cats has to come in to the house when I an going to work - she helps me to catch them