Tank you so very much everyone......

From Mary Stevens and
Broughlee Collies in England.
From sweet, beautiful Lempi and Satu Havukainen and the rest of the Hawkfield Collies in Finland.
From Yvonne Kjölgaard and the lovely Basil-babies in Sweden
From beautiful Jasmin and Gitte Heitmann with the Heitmann Collies in Denmark
From Monika Smoter and the lovely Loui-daughter Sawa and her friend Kendra in Poland.
From one of my dear friends Mia Ejerstad in Italy
From Birthe Fensten and Treasure Collies in Denmark
From Lida Machacova and Royal Stuart Collies and Dalmatins
From Samantha Buckley in Australia
From Anja Ejerstad and the Steadwyn Collies in Sweden.
From Stina and John Bjerregaard and Adior Collies in Denmark.
From Malin Jansson and Sunwind Collies in Sweden
From Britta and Erik Sørensen and Be Exclusive Collies in Denmark. 
From Dana with family, Kay and Kris  in Poland.
From Cornelia Grimm and the Classic Scots in Germany .
From Ann-Kristin Sammens and Sammens Collies in Sweden.
From Krystyna Kasperek im Poland. 
From Kuutti - Hawkfield's Must Have Bin High and his family in Poland.
From Svetlana Novislavskaya, Denfris/Fridens Collies  in Russia.
 Overskrift 1
From Kristin and Kjell and Kikkiathy Collies in Norway.