"Triple Skønhed" (Triple Beauty)



Now working on a Series of digital Triptychs, to be shown at an Exhibition in Odense 2012, Denmark, at Filosofgangen.

Have been photographing since childhood, but only now feel courageous enough to show my works in this discipline, and that as digital triptychs of the photos, two by two photos blended in photoshop. 
No other correction than simple light/contrast and so on is done, so the colours are the original from the shots.

The concept for choosing the single photos to be blended are as follows: one must be from Greenland, the other from Denmark, since I myself are a blending from those two countries and cultures. And when the three blended are juxtaposted to the triptych they must tell an intuitive story together, and be visually harmonius in a subtle way...

More of this new series will follow till April 2012. (After the fernisage on Filosofgangen, Odense).