No name doll.

This outfit I made from a pattern in a Norwegian book with doll outfits.

This doll is shown in a french book by Kathy Moreau called Poupées mannequins des années 60, so it's from the 60's and they were made in length from 10 cm to 42 cm, mine is 37. The hair is glued on and the shoes are molded. For now I made a knit outfit for her.

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21.03 | 20:31

Hi, thanks, I know about Marion but didn't know about this dress.

21.03 | 20:30

Hi, okay,on the pictures I have seen it's yellow and looked like velvet, but thanks for the info.

21.03 | 20:23

# 44 is not cord, but leather. I have the set and it is made of leather

best regards Kerstin

21.03 | 19:54

The right dress is from Marion, also a German company. This includes a red belt

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