Faerie Glen Tammy clone on Tina Cassini body

Faerie Glen dolls from UK on Tina Cassini marked body the platinum and the blonde are wearing Tina outfits the brunette a Faerie Glen outfit.

Faerie Glen in U.K., they are untagged but the closure gives it away. I got 3 more dresses shown on 2nd version Palitoy Tressy doll in that album

The 2 2nd version Tressy dolls and a clone doll are wearing dresses by Faerie Glen in UK. Kjolerne er lavet af Faerie Glen i England.

2 Outfits by Faerie Glen and I suppose they were made for this doll.

My mystery Tammy clone on the Tina Cassini body has now been identified. A friend of mine has some french doll books and found it there. The text says: Faerie Glen doll from 1967 30 cm vinyl doll with movable head, arms and legs. Painted face, short rooted hair in blond, brown, auburn or orange. Marked Tina Cassini, Made in British/Hong Kong. The clothes was marked Faerie Glen. I got 3 of these dolls now and I'm sure some of my Faerie Glen outfits are for this doll, I'll sort that out later.

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Wendy Williams | Svar 03.12.2020 09:52

Really helpful, I have this doll and have been trying to identify her. I have a more modern Faerie Glen doll but she is marked Faerie Glen.

Martha Andersen 05.12.2020 10:50

Hi, thanks, I would like to see your Faerie Glen doll, if you have a picture you could send it to my mail, you find it many places, at least in the intro text

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19.09 | 16:48

Jeg har en evergreen British colony of Hongkong 10111/2 dukke med rødbrunt hår grønne øjne og perle øreringe og huller under fødderne. Min egen fra barn.

15.09 | 20:30

Pretty girl.

15.09 | 20:29

Oh my…

13.08 | 22:24

Can i buy it?

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