1967-68 #1460 Tropicana

#1470 Intrigue, the dress is not in very good condition, I have to look for a replacement.

I got this very attractive dress Gala Abend, it was in a bit of a mess, pink all over and had to have small pieces of seem repaired but some chloral bleach did the job, now I "only" need to find the coat. My poor AG needs a time with the hairdresser, some little girl with a pair of scissors removed some of her hair, and I think I'll just try to make it even and like the short hair version, and not reroote her.

#1679 Sorbonne, not available in the U.S. market. Missing are the books and the bookstrap and a couple of pencils.

#1687 Caribbean Cruise from 1967

#1688 Travel Together

#1690 Studio Tour from 1967

#1691 Fashion Shiner from 1967-1968

2 coats to #1691 Fashion Shiner from 1967-68 with different lining. 2 frakker med forskelligt fór

#1692 Patio Party from 1967-1968

#1694 Pink Moonbeams from 1967-68 in both versions.

#1696 Floating Gardens from 1967, the earrings and the bracelets are repro. Øreringe og armbånd er repro.

Finally I found a version of this outfit #1698 Beautiful Bride worth paying for, it's in almost mint condition.

1967-68 #1809 Mini-Prints. Ever since I saw this outfit for the first time it has been on my wish list and now I finally got it.

#1816 Sears The Yellow Go outfit complete, finally I got it.

Best Bow from 1967. There are 8 different versions of this dress. Der er 8 forskellige udgaver af denne kjole.

Here are the 1967 outfits I have, some of them are categorized as MOD but I follow Sara Sink Eams' book and name the album vintage.

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19.09 | 16:48

Jeg har en evergreen British colony of Hongkong 10111/2 dukke med rødbrunt hår grønne øjne og perle øreringe og huller under fødderne. Min egen fra barn.

15.09 | 20:30

Pretty girl.

15.09 | 20:29

Oh my…

13.08 | 22:24

Can i buy it?

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