#3401 Fringe Benefits, the original belt is missing but I made a replacement in felt till I hopefully get the original suede one.

#1056 Festival Fashion complete

#3402 Two-Way Tiger. I'm not sure the shoes are the right color.

1971-1972 #3403 Baby Doll Pink

#3404 Glowin' Out from 1971-1972

1971-72 #3406 Evening In, finally I found one with the button still there, that is not easy

#3407 Midi Mood from 1971-1972

#3408 Super Scarf from 1971-1972

#3409 Red For Rain

1971-72 #3412 Fun Flakes

1971-72 #3413 Golfing Greats

1971-72 #3414 Satin Slumber complete

1971 #3416 Wild 'n Wintery, of course missing the belt so I just created a replacement.

#3417 Bridal Brocade from 1971-72, now I only miss the most expensive one - Beautiful Bride from 1966 - and if I get that I have all the bridal outfits from 1959-1974

1971-72 #3418 Magnificent Midi

1971-1972 #3419 Silver Serenade

1971-72 #3421 Bubbles 'n Boots,thanks to my good friend in Germany - Monika - I now got a pair of boots for the poor girl, and the outfit is now complete.

1971-72 #3423 Night Lighter. Missing a purple suede belt.

1971-72 #3424 In Blooms

#3426 Turtle 'n Tights from 1971-1972 missing the original belt. I learned from Sanna in Sweden, that the shoes to this outfit is not chunky shoes as stated in Sarah Sink Eames Vol. II but squisy shoes as shown here. Mangler det originale bælte. Jeg har fået at vide af Sanne i Sverige, at skoene til sætte ikke skal være chunky, som Sarah Sink Eames viser, men disse bløde sko uden hæle.

1971-72 #3427 The Dream Team

1971-72 #3431 Victorian Velvet

#3433 All About Plaid, this is kind of a reconstruction, the dress is the one I had with no belt, then I got one more dress terrible paled in places but that one had the belt, so I replaced the belt on the better dress and since I still missed the shawl I made one of the the skirt from the bad dress and since I also got the purse with that - voila I now have a complete outfit

#3436 Gaucho Gear, pieced together little by little in Denmark but still missing the vinyl hat and gaucho pants

#3437 Dancing Lights, finally an almost complete outfit, I got the stole today and I don't expect ever to get the original choker but may buy a repro one day

#3438 Peasant Dressy from 1971-1972. In Sarah Sink Eames Vol II the outfit is shown with brown lace boots but the outfit came with these t-strap shoes. I Sarah Sink Eames Vol II viser hun tøjet med brune støvler, men disse sko er de korrekte til sættet.

The outfits I got from 1971 will be shown here.

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Vil du fortælle mig hvor jeg kan sælge Barbie fra 50 erne
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iam sonja from germany, rheinland *

no, this is not one of petra's horses, have been collecting barbie, petra, big jim, sindy etc. horses for over 30 jh

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after lilli before barbie!

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Red dress is for Petra by Plasty

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