#1863 Pretty Power from 1969

#1865 Glo-Go, as almost always the top has faded, the shoes should be red ct

#1857 Movie Groovie from 1969

#1867 Dream-Ins from 1969

#1868 Happy Go Pink from 1969

#1869 Midi-Magic

#1870 Midi-Marvelous from 1969

#1871 Romantic Ruffles from 1969

#1872 See-Worthy from 1969. The yellow satin ribbon is created by me, the original one had gone. Det gule satin "slips" har jeg lavet da det originale var væk.

#1873 Plush Pony from 1969

#1874 Fab City

#1879 Let's Have A Ball from 1969

#1880 Winter Wedding from 1969-1970

1969-70 #1476 Dream Wrap missing the pink felt slippers.

#1881 Made For Each Other complete

#1885 Silver Sparkle from 1969 now with the right shoes shown on TNT Christie

#1477 Hooray For Leather from 1969-1970

#1478 Shift Into Knit from 1969-1970

#1479 Leisure Leopard from 1969-1970

#1481 Firelights from 1969-1970

1969-70 #1482 Important Investment, There should be green pilgrims but I didn't have any and I think the boots looks good here. The belt was missing so I created one myself.

#1483 Little Bow Pink from 1969-1970

#1484 Yellow Mellow from 1969-1970 finally with the stockings

#1486 Winter Wow complete outfit

#1487 Shirt dressy from 1969-1970. The one to the left is the most common.

#1488 Velvet Venture from 1969-70 missing the chartreuse stockings.

Complete outfit #1489 Cloud 9, the panties are there too

#1491 Red, White 'n Warm 1969-70

#1492 Silver Polish from 1969-1970

#1493 Fab Fur

#1494 Goldswinger, sold with CT shoes

1969 Pak item Sun-Shiner, the pattern used for this dress is the same as in Swirly Cue and the fabric is used in Travel Together from 1967.

Sears Exclusive #1593 Golden Groove Set

1969-70 #1751 Julia Doll's Leather Weather Finally I only miss the original purse it has taken a long time to find the top.

#1752 Brr-Furr from 1969-1970. This is a Julia outfit with Julia tag. Dette er lavet til Julia og har hendes navn på mærket.

#1754 Pink Fantasy from 1969-1970 is also a Julia outfit. I now have one pair of the original golden knit booties with nylon pompons and I found out that this outfit was also sold with pink OT shoes. Også et originalt Julia sæt, jeg har nu de gyldne korte støvler med pink nylon pompom'er men har fundet ud af at sættet også blev solgt med pink OT sko.

#1754 Pink Fantasy. I have 2 versions of the rose tricot gown with different lace. Jeg har to udgaver af natkjolen med forskellig blonde.

#1753 Candlelight Capers from 1969-1970, again a Julia outfit. The version to the right is the most common. Også et Julia sæt her i 2 udgaver, den til højre er den almindeligste.

Here are Talking Julia dolls in Sears Exclusive #1594 Simply Wow and original jumpsuit.

Here are the outfits I got from 1969

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Vil du fortælle mig hvor jeg kan sælge Barbie fra 50 erne
Lys hestehale
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Lang kjo

02.04 | 18:33

iam sonja from germany, rheinland *

no, this is not one of petra's horses, have been collecting barbie, petra, big jim, sindy etc. horses for over 30 jh

21.03 | 08:24

after lilli before barbie!

05.02 | 22:58

Red dress is for Petra by Plasty

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