This is the back side of the boxes.

This is like Petra's Wimbledon

This is like Petra's Baden -Baden outfit

This outfit is the same as Petra's Nizza

Petra doesn't have a negligee set like this.

Also I don't recognize this as similar to any Petra outfits but I have some similar dresses for other dolls.

Except for the color this is like Petra's 1966 Garmisch.

The coats are all the same except color and fabric and they are like Petra's Oslo in design.

I just bought a lot of MOC outfits for a doll named Sandra. I don't have the doll in my collection yet but know what she looks like. The outfits boxes shows the first 16 Petra outfits but some of the Sandra outfits are like Petra's from othere years.

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17.01 | 14:08

Hi, as vintage Barbie collector i have also a lot of other dolls outfit and have maybee some for you. can you mail me to thank you

16.01 | 19:49

Hi, please write me on my personal mail, there's very little room here to answer, you find it when you open my page.
Kind regards Martha

16.01 | 19:37

I have a huge collection of dolls. Over a thousand from the 1960s .I really want a Jacky by GeGe . You can google my account @dollscenarios to see

08.01 | 14:48

Hi, there's not room enough here to give you a good answer so I sent you a private email, if you don't see it check you junk mail, sometimes hotmails go there.

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