Playmate fashion doll

Playmate fashion doll

This uniform - I believe it to be a stewardess uniform - was also found in UK and has a paper tag Made in Hong Kong.

I place this doll in the American Fashion doll field because the Hong Kong based company expanded it's business to USA in the late 70's and early 80's. 
I can't find any informations about a fashion doll by this company but that's how she is marked.
I found my doll in UK.

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21.03 | 20:31

Hi, thanks, I know about Marion but didn't know about this dress.

21.03 | 20:30

Hi, okay,on the pictures I have seen it's yellow and looked like velvet, but thanks for the info.

21.03 | 20:23

# 44 is not cord, but leather. I have the set and it is made of leather

best regards Kerstin

21.03 | 19:54

The right dress is from Marion, also a German company. This includes a red belt

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