A very well made cotton dress.

This too is very well made but I don't know what to call the fabric, it maybe called knit.

Cotton blouse and woolly skirt.

I only know the danish word for this fabric, it was very modern in the 60's.

Homemade woollen outfit

Woollen homemade dress

This is also homemade

Homemade I'm sure

Homemade outfits from USA

I believe these 2 dresses are homemade but well done.

Also homemade in my opinion but again well made.

I got this in a 60's lot from Germany

Homemade dress found in Denmark

This is homemade I'm sure - made of sheep

I'm sure this is homemade but very well done, found in Denmark.

Over the years I have found a lot of homemade outfits that I kept because they were well made and now I decided they should have their own album. It will take time to find all my pictures of those as they are in different albums but little by little I should be able to do so and move them here.
I start out with some outfits I just got in a lot with some Barbie outfits found here in Denmark. They were a nice fit to Tressy so she is modelling.

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Nej jeg ved intet om det I spørger om.
Og sletter min adr. da jeg ikke kan hjælpe jer videre.

01.11 | 18:35

Hej Kirsten ved du hvor meget tøj Algrema lavede til Norske Tjorven før Pusle kom til i 1968 Mvh Jytte

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25.10 | 21:42

I got the email but I can't translate it. Please send me another in English please and put your personal email in it so I can reply back. want to send photos.

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