This is Scarlet-chan in an unknown dress.

Scarlet-chan, I learned that the first version had a middlepart so this will be a later version with a sidepart.

Here are what the outfits Scarlet-chan would were looks like

My cute Skipper size Takare doll with original oufit

My Takara doll with the hat, I'll take a better close-up later without the hat

They are both marked Japan between the shoulders, the one to the right is Sandy for sure and then the question is who is the taller doll.

This is the taller doll. I found one dress that could fit her, maybe I have more.

I found both dolls in Germany, they are marked with Japan, the heads are the same with just a little difference in the make-up. The scalps are painted brown. The hands and toes are alike, only the size is different. I'm sure they are by the same maker and that the smaller doll is Sandy

This is the larger doll. This outfit found in Denmark with Prym snaps was too wide for Barbie but a perfect fit for Sandy

This is the larger doll. This wedding dress is also a perfect fit for Sandy.

This is Sandy who is Barbie size.

Takara Orie San in unknown outfit.

This one is from 1972 by Tome and is called Yukko Chan.

Yukko San was made for different activities, one is a ballet dancer, I believe this is the one that came with a bike. She had this dress when I got her, it's marked Hong Kong.

I just bought a Japanese doll called Scarlet-chan from 1966 by  Nakajima Seisakusho , I didn't know about this doll but saw the auction in Sweden and liked her looks and was the lucky winner of the doll.  I have been looking her up and there's a lot to be found on flickr.
Here in Denmark I just came across another Japanese doll - a Takara doll - but this is more difficult to find anything about this doll, I really don't know who she is and how old she is so she may be newer than I usually collect but she is staying in my collection anyway. She is a Skipper size doll.

I just got a very cute doll marked Japan. She is 12½"/32 cm tall so taller than usual fashion dolls. I managed to find a dress that was a fit but she is broader than most of my fashion dolls so I don't have a lot of outfits for her. I found out that this may be a Sandy doll by Asakusa Toy 1965 but I'm not quite sure, Sandy is supposed to be 12". And I found another Sandy that has the "right" size, so now the tall one is a bit of a mystery doll.

I have taken a shine to Japanese dolls and got a couple of other dolls now.

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Nej jeg ved intet om det I spørger om.
Og sletter min adr. da jeg ikke kan hjælpe jer videre.

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Hej Kirsten ved du hvor meget tøj Algrema lavede til Norske Tjorven før Pusle kom til i 1968 Mvh Jytte

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I got the email but I can't translate it. Please send me another in English please and put your personal email in it so I can reply back. want to send photos.

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