I just bought a Japanese doll called Scarlet-chan from 1966 by  Nakajima Seisakusho , I didn't know about this doll but saw the auction in Sweden and liked her looks and was the lucky winner of the doll.  I have been looking her up and there's a lot to be found on flickr.
Here in Denmark I just came across another Japanese doll - a Takara doll - but this is more difficult to find anything about this doll, I really don't know who she is and how old she is so she may be newer than I usually collect but she is staying in my collection anyway. She is a Skipper size doll.

I just got a very cute doll marked Japan. She is 12½"/32 cm tall so taller than usual fashion dolls. I managed to find a dress that was a fit but she is broader than most of my fashion dolls so I don't have a lot of outfits for her. I found out that this may be a Sandy doll by Asakusa Toy 1965 but I'm not quite sure, Sandy is supposed to be 12". And I found another Sandy that has the "right" size, so now the tall one is a bit of a mystery doll.

I have taken a shine to Japanese dolls and got a couple of other dolls now.

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Nej jeg ved intet om det I spørger om.
Og sletter min adr. da jeg ikke kan hjælpe jer videre.

01.11 | 18:35

Hej Kirsten ved du hvor meget tøj Algrema lavede til Norske Tjorven før Pusle kom til i 1968 Mvh Jytte

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25.10 | 21:42

I got the email but I can't translate it. Please send me another in English please and put your personal email in it so I can reply back. want to send photos.

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