This is the Novo Gama Tressy doll from Spain. The doll to the left has her growing piece of hair but the one to the right is missing it and she may have had a haircut but I'm not sure, it looks nice and original. Novo Gama Tressy fra Spanien. Dukken til venstre har den groende hårlok mens den til højre mangler sin. Hun er måske også klippet, jeg ved det ikke, men det ser originalt ud.

Novo Gama Tressy came in the same outfit as AC Tressy. She is however much smaller than the other Tressy dolls I have and have smaller feet. Novo Gama Tressy kom i samme tøj som AC Tressy. Hun er dog meget mindre og har små fødder.

I just got this beauty from Spain, she is in mint condition with auburn hair.

In mint condition with original dress and as usual painted nails on fingers. Shoes are not original.

This is an original outfit for Novo Gama Tressy, I believe the purse is original too but judging from a picture of this outfit in box the purse would have had a strap. Dette er et originalt sæt til Novo Gama Tressy, jeg tror også tasken er den originale, men efter hvad jeg har set på et billede af sættet i original emballage, skulle tasken have et håndtag.

This is also an original Novo Gama outfit for Tressy, I got it from Spain.

This too is supposed to be a Novo Gama fake fur for Tressy, bought in Spain.

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05.08 | 09:29

Thanks, but I'm sure the dress is right, I have learned that those making the outfits used very different fabrics for versions, but I can see what you say.

05.08 | 08:57

Hi Martha,
The hat is the correct one.. but I guess the dress is not
Looking at the booklet it is a silk one with lots of purple, yellow and orange flowers.

10.07 | 14:24

Thanks, do you know if she is by Linda Doll co.? Kind regards Martha

10.07 | 06:41

This is doll's name is Chelsea

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