Gaby in original dress

Kessy by Schildkröt. The blonde I believe has had a hair cut


Babsy in Fröhliches Spiel

Babsy in Beim Malen

Babsy in Freizeit

Babsy Geburtstagsfeier, missing some accessories.

The dress to the right is called Yeah, yeah, the left one is London midding a bonnet and an umbrella in the same fabric.

This blue version is called Stadtbrummel in Germany, Good News in USA and In My Solitude in UK.The white boots are not the original but there should be short, white boots with black bands to this outfit.

This is called Liebe Grüsse in Germany, in USA and UK it's called Love Letters. I am missing the pencil but the letters are in the wrapping. I got this purse in black velvet with the outfit but it's not part of it. The shoes should be black OT shoes.

This is called Milchbar in German, in UK with Palitoy it's known as Soda Pop Cutie, I can't find an AC version so it may not have been sold there. There should be red OT shoes to this outfit

I discovered the beige dress recently in my collection on a Tammy clone and I wonder if it's the same as the one Kessy is wearing, english name is Coffee Break and I have seen on in the same color sold in France as a Bella dress. What makes me think it may not be is that it is closed the opposite way and the pink one and as all I have seen pictures of so maybe it's a copy dress.

Sonntagnachmittag is the German name, the stockings are homemade, I'll take a better picture later, this is a little blurred

Here we have Piccadilly, missing the accessories such as a matching umbrella.

This very nice outfit is called Kurfürstendamm.

This is Kessy wearing the Schildkröt version of this outfit called Beim Kochen, in USA called Hep Hostess, I can't see it in a Palitoy or Bella version.

This is Gala-Abend, a very beautiful outfit for Gaby/Kessy

Another Gaby/Kessy outfit called Im Herbst meaning in autumn. There was a french version called Feuilles d'Automne meaning Autumn leaves

Gaby's outfit Abschlussball in mint condition

Schönheitskönigin, the dress and the trophy are original, the sash and the bouquet is homemade.

This is called Hochzeitstag, I got the gloves with the clothes lot but they are shorter than the ones shown in the catalogue and I just found out they are for Kurfürstendamm

I thought this was called Pop Party in Germany but in some catalogue pictures I have it's not that outfit so I don't know the name for is in Germany, but it's called Wild 'n Wonderful in USA, I can't find a Palitoy version. One stocking is missing. I believe the shoes for this outfit will be red sneakers.

This is accessories to the outfit called Pop Party so now I'm searching for the rest of the outfit

Schildkröt in Germany also got licence to make Tressy dolls and they renamed them. The grow hair version is called Gaby and the make-up version is called Kessy and the Toots/Cricket version is called Babsy. I got a couple of Kessy dolls and also now 2 Gaby dolls and one Babsy and a couple of Babsy outfits.

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Jeg har en evergreen British colony of Hongkong 10111/2 dukke med rødbrunt hår grønne øjne og perle øreringe og huller under fødderne. Min egen fra barn.

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Pretty girl.

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Oh my…

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Can i buy it?

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