All my Peggy dolls from 1964-1979

The first Peggy doll was a cheaper copy of Skipper made in leightweight plastic. The 2nd version is unlike any other Skipper size doll in my collection. The 3rd version has a face much like baggie Francie and a body just like Daisy by Mary Quant. I also have a little later Peggy dolls which I will be showing too.

Den første Peggy dukke er en billigere kopi af Skipper lave i letvægts plastik. Anden version har et ansigt der ikke ligner nogen and Skipperstørrelse dukke i min samling. 3. version har et ansigt som Baggie Francie og en krop magen til Daisy som blev kreeret af Mary Quant. Jeg har også lidt nyere Peggy dukker som jeg vil vise.

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17.10 | 21:41

Hi, you can't you have to write to my email, you find that several places on my homepage:

17.10 | 21:02

Thank you, Martha!
I am a Barbie and Fashion Doll collector for nearly 30 years now; How can I put in a photo here?

15.10 | 23:04

Hi, sorry for not getting back earlier, I have been quit busy but didn't forget your notice. I would love to see pictures of you dolls

06.10 | 11:52

Hi, I too own both dolls, the smaller Sandy-Chan (Barbie size) and the taller one looking like Sandy but around 32cm tall.
If you like I can mail you a picture

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