Petra doll marked NO 999 from 1964-65

Marked NO 999 from 1964-65. They are a little bit taller than the later Petra dolls

1st version Petra dolls with small neck knob and no marking. Lille halsknop og ingen mærkning

1st version Petra original swimsuit

1st version Petra

1st version Petra

1st version Petra with bangs

1st version Petra with flip hair.

1st version Petra different hair style. the doll to the right has had a partial reroot and I gave her bangs.

1st version Petra, note the eyeshadow

1st version Petra with bubblecut on top and long hair in the back.

Petra with round neck knob, straight body and no marking

I just bought this doll in Denmark, mint condition with wrist tag, stand and box. I also came with a booklet from 1969 and when I look at the dolls wearing outfits from this year she could actually be from 1969. She has large neck knob and no markings.

This too is totally mint with wrist tag but I actually believe she is earlier than 1969, the booklet I got with her is from Boutique 1969 and some boxed outfits I also got is from this year too so maybe she is a 1969 doll, large neck knob and no markings.

Fashion Queen type Petra dolls round neck knob and straight bodies. Fashion queen type med rund halsknop og lige kroppe

Fashion Queen Petra head and wigs to fit body with small neck knob

I'm not sure if these are Petra dolls at all but they sure looks lik Petra

Round neck knob and straight bodies.

Round neck knob and twist body. I was told earlier that they may have had another body earlier but as I have got 3 with twist body I believe they were also sold with this body

Round neck knob and twist body

This doll may be Lea von Plasty, a friend has a factory catalogue but unfortunately with no pictures only a description so it's just a guess.

The first Petra dolls were unmarked and had small neck-knob, at least that's what I thought till now, I just learned that the Hong Kong doll marked NO 999 are early Petra dolls, they are taller than the next Petra dolls. I got 2 of those. A bit later they have large neck-knobs and I got some of these with straight body and some with twist body. It has been suggested to me that the ones with twist body may have had the heads exchanged because this body is used with the 2nd version Petra but I don't believe that to be true as I have found many with the "old" head on twist body.Feel free to comment if you think I'm wrong.

Den første Petra dukke var ikke mærket og havde en lille halsknop, det var hvad jeg troede men jeg har lige fundet ud af, at  dukker mærket Hong Kong 999 er tidlige Petra dukker, 
lidt senere rund halsknop med lige krop og med drejelig talje. Det er blevet foreslået at dem med drejelig talje har fået nyt hoved, da denne krop blev brugt til 2. version Petra men jeg tror ikke det er rigtigt, da jeg har fundet en del dukker med det "gamle" hoved og krop med drejelig talje.

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Jeg har en evergreen British colony of Hongkong 10111/2 dukke med rødbrunt hår grønne øjne og perle øreringe og huller under fødderne. Min egen fra barn.

15.09 | 20:30

Pretty girl.

15.09 | 20:29

Oh my…

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Can i buy it?

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