Beautiful make-up and haircolor

1963-65 Sindy in original outfit

A new Sindy in my collection is the one to the left, I believe her to be the 1965 version.

1965/66 Mini Sindy dolls

Mini Sindy wearing Country Walk from 1964

Mini Sindy wearing Dream Date from 1963

One more Mini Sindy has found the way to my collection, this time a dark blonde one - at least that's how I will describe her hair color.

Sindy to the right in Dream Date and Suzy in a similar dress wearing Sindy shoes

This cute outfit is called Sleepy-Time from 1963

1968 New Look Sindy, well, this one I have wanted for a long time, I finally found one for a reasonable prise, her hair needed redone and she had no eyelashes, but I have worked with her now and I'm satisfied, the hair is still at bit stiff but okay for display.

Sindy's Summery Day dresses, the one to the left is the 1963 version and the right one the 1968 version

I just got my second New Look Sindy doll, she is a reroot but a very nice one. She also is wearing her original Air Hostess outfit, I now need to find the Boac travel bag.

1968 One more New Look Sindy this time with original eyelashes and good hair. She is wearing 1969 Fashion Girl, a boxed doll outfit. There should be green shoes.

Happy Traveler from the 60's, I only miss the correct shoes from the time.

New Look Sindy with middlepart from 1969, she needs her hair styled. She is wearing Midi Coat from 1970.

Emergency Ward from the 60's, the collar and the mask are homemade but the bandage and the outfit is original. I believe the stockings should be of a thicker material, mine are just nylons

1967 Smock Dress, I think the shoes should be red but I wanted her to wear these in stead

1966 Bra and Pants, I got the pieces in 2 different lots

1963 Duffel Coat

1963 Leather Looker

1963 Lunch Date, I got the Dairy but also a Date Book that I don't know what goes with

The west and the shirt are 1963 Out-And-About

1963 Pony Club, the shirt is not the right one and one spur is missing

1963 Sloppy Joe

1963 Undie World missing the pants and the head bang

1964 Bridsmaid, the head band is homemade

1964 Sweet Summer

2014 Halloween Treat Sindy by Tonner

Halloween Treat Sindy by Tonner 2014 in box. I just found out she is a limited edition, one of only 225

I didn't really fancy Sindy that much but recently I got a couple of dolls that I thought was Tammy clones but I found out they were really Sindy mini dolls from 1965/66 and I decided to keep them. Weather Sindy is a Tammy clone or not is an ongoing discussion as far as I can read. I have been told that Pedigree got licence from Ideal to make a British Tammy doll and they were allowed to change her name and looks. I only want the Sindy dolls where the neck is part of the head, one exception is the Tonner Sindy I bought.

Jeg var ikke rigtig en fan af Sindy men for nylig fik jeg 2 dukker som jeg troede var Tammy cloner, indtil jeg fandt ud af at de var tidlige Sindy dukker fra 1965/66 og besluttede at beholde dem. Om Sindy er en Tammy clon eller ej diskuteres i samlerkredse, jeg har lært at Pedigree som lavede Sindy dukker fik licens fra Ideal til at lave en engelsk udgave af Tammy og fik lov at ændre navn og udseende. Jeg vil kun have de gamle Sindy dukker, hvor halsen er en del af hovedet, undtagelsen er den udgave Tonner har lavet.

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Manny Perez | Svar 30.10.2013 04:42

Sindy is a Tammy clone from the UK made from the molds of Tammy dolls.

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Vil du fortælle mig hvor jeg kan sælge Barbie fra 50 erne
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iam sonja from germany, rheinland *

no, this is not one of petra's horses, have been collecting barbie, petra, big jim, sindy etc. horses for over 30 jh

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after lilli before barbie!

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Red dress is for Petra by Plasty

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