Scandinavian nurse's uniforms. From the left there are 2 with Prym snaps, the Skipper size uniform I don't know anything about, next to that is a uniform from the danish designer Algrema and the one to the right is by Åhléns in Sweden. This is how nurses looked like in the 60's in my area. Skandinaviske sygeplejerske uniformer, fra venstre 2 med Prym trykknapper, Skipperstørrelsen ved jeg ikke rigtig noget om, efter den er det Algremas uniform og helt til højre er det den svenske fra Åhléns.

I found the outfit to the left in Canada I believe and to the right it's Barbie's Career Girl. Jeg fandt sættet til venstre i Canada tror jeg, til højre er det Barbies Career Girl.

The outfit to the left is by Linda and they have copied a lot of both Babs and Randy outfits. To the right it's Randy's Everybody's Sweetheart. Sættet til venstre er fra Linda, som har kopieret en del Babs og Randy sæt, her er det Randys Everybody's Sweetheart til højre.

To the left it's Barbie's Caribbean Cruis, in the middle a Hong Kong outfit and to the right it's a Shillman outfit. Til venstre er det Barbies Caribbean Cruise, i midten en Hong Kong dragt og til højre er det en Shillman dragt.

I put together dolls and outfits to create Wedding Party Gift Set from 1964, Skipper in Flower Girl, Ken in Tuxido, Barbie in Bride's Dream and Midge in Orange Blossom. Jeg har sat dukker og tøj sammen for at kreere Wedding Party Gift Set fra 1964.

I tried to create a wedding picture here, Midge in Garden Wedding, Skipper in Junior Bridesmaid, Barbie and Ken in Here Comes the Bride and Groom and Allan in Best Man. Allan's jacket is a clone jacket I altered to make it look like the real one that I'm missing.

The Live Action dolls in original outfits, from the left it's P.J., Ken, Barbie and Christie. Live Action dukkerne i originalt tøj.

Babs to the left is in a dress with BCCHK tag and Petra is wearing Paris from 1964.

From the left it's American Character Tressy and Bella Marilyn wearing the AC version of Walk In The Park, then it's Palitoy Tressy wearing the Palitoy version of Walk In The Park and last it's Petra wearing #3 Baden-Baden from 1964.

1974 Party Dress made of the same fabric as 1974 Montgomery Ward Ken's jacket.

1965 Sleeping Pretty and 1966-67 Dreamland, the same pattern was used for both nightgowns.

1972 Barbie in #3352 White 'n With It missing gold purse and Skipper #3374 White, Bright 'n Sparkling and Francie's #3368 Red, White 'n Bright.

1972 Coordinating outfits for Barbie it's Sweet Dream, for Francie Sleepy Time Gal and Skippers is called Super Snoozers

Ken and Barbie in American Airlines uniforms, Barbie got her Stewardess outfit in 1961 but Ken didn't become an Captain till 1964.

I'll place some pictures here of pairs but also of groups of dolls. I want to show some outfits and their copies and some matching outfits etc. I'll decide as I go along.

Jeg vil placere nogle billeder her af par men også af grupper af dukker. Jeg vil vise nogle sæt og kopier af disse, nogle matchende sæt og så videre. Jeg beslutter som jeg kommer frem.

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Hej! Jag har två klänningar som jag inte kan identifiera. De har Prym tryckknappar. Kan jag skicka foton?

15.07 | 09:53

I got this dress on an Evergreen doll named "Gitta", which came mint in box. I'm not 100% sure, but I think it has a picture of it on the side of the box.

30.05 | 10:58

Hi, don't be, you're not alone, I believe we all do it now and then, at least I like to think I'm not alone - LOL - Martha

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SORRY! I need to leran to read :O

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