#33 Tosca. It's almost an exact copy of Barbie's Junior Prom. I don't know if the gloves are part of the outfit but they are not shown on the catalogue picture. En næsten nøjagtig kopi af Barbie's Junior Prom. Jeg ved ikke om handsker var en del af sættet, de vises ikke på katalogbilledet.

#34 Norma

#37 Electra

#38 Ariadne

I first thought it was Milano from Catalogue this year but a friend pointed out that it looks more like Ariadne missing the belt with the big bow. I'm not 100% sure it is because the skirt is slimmer but it's more likely than Milano.

#41 Hubertus. I have seen this outfit in the same color as the Diana outfit I'm showing on the next picture. Jeg har set dette sæt i samme farve som det Dianasæt jeg viser på næste billede.

#42 Diana

#41 & 42 Hubertus and Diana, different print used on the tops. I also got a lille purse with the same kind of print but don't know where it belongs. Forskellige udgaver af toppe til de 2 sæt. Jeg har også en lille taske lavet af samme slags stof.

#31 Amelia, #32 Aida, #35 Arabella, #36 Salome, #39 Daphne and #40 Julia are the same outfits as in 1964 Festival so I'm not going to show them here again. I'm missing just 1 outfit here #40 Julia, but I only need one Julia outfit, it's the same as Julia from 1964.
De ovenfor nævnte sæt er de samme som kom i 1964 Festival så jeg viser dem ikke igen her. Her mangler jeg bare 1 sæt, #40 Julia, men jeg behøver kun et sæt Julia, det er det samme som Julia fra 1964.

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24.11 | 06:37

Hi, I was wondering which Petra doll is marked on the back of her neck? Thank you!

20.10 | 16:26

Hallo Annette, could you send me this page? I research Plasty dolls and would be very interested: beatnikx at gmail. com

23.09 | 19:32

Hello, this is called "Beim Fernsehen", which means Watching television.

20.09 | 16:41

I´m not sure, but these could be "Peggy Disco Queen" shown in the fashion booklet from 1978 . I can send you a pic when I get your mail adress.

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