This is 1st version Fred, Petra and Peggy all in original swimsuits

The Petra albums have been changed, I have had new informations that makes me believe that Petra was first sold at christmas 1964 so the outfits supposed to be 1964 may not be. I believe the outfits I have dated 1966 are indeed the first 16 Petra outfits and should be named 1965 as that was the year they were sold. This is just what I believe to be the truth so if anybody has other informations that goes against my opinion please feel free to write to me on my mail address:

any input will be welcome.

The next many albums will show my collection of Petra dolls and her outfits. There will also be albums with her boyfriend Fred and his outfit and of course little sister Peggy and her outfits. My collection starts in 1964 and ends about 1980. Here is a link to the ultimate Petra page:

Push this link and you go directly to the Petra outfits.

There will be a German translation a bit later.

Jeg har lige lavet nogle forandringer, ny information har gjort at jeg er overbevist om at Petra og derfor også hendes første tøj blev solgt fra julen 1964 og altså i 1965 og skulle så retteligt betegnes som tøj fra 1965. Jeg er også overbevist om at det jeg før nævnte som 1966 er de første 16 sæt og altså 1965 og det forandrer hele rækkefølgen og det har jeg ændret efter min overbevisning. Hvis andre ved noget andet, vil jeg være glad for at høre om det.
De næste mange albums vil vise min samling af Petra dukker og hendes tøj. Der vil også blive albums med hendes ven Fred og hans tøj samt selvfølgelig lillesøster Peggy og hendes tøj. Min samling starter i 1964 og slutter omkring 1980. Linken ovenover fører  til den ultimative Petra side, som Linda Clark står for, tryk på det og man kommer direkte til siden med Petratøj.

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lescathydisa | Svar 17.08.2014 21.37

many thanks for your pictures, it help me to identified my petra's outfits .

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17.10 | 21:41

Hi, you can't you have to write to my email, you find that several places on my homepage:

17.10 | 21:02

Thank you, Martha!
I am a Barbie and Fashion Doll collector for nearly 30 years now; How can I put in a photo here?

15.10 | 23:04

Hi, sorry for not getting back earlier, I have been quit busy but didn't forget your notice. I would love to see pictures of you dolls

06.10 | 11:52

Hi, I too own both dolls, the smaller Sandy-Chan (Barbie size) and the taller one looking like Sandy but around 32cm tall.
If you like I can mail you a picture

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