I will mention new items here and refere to the different albums, I will probably not be placing any pictures here as I have to save as much room as I can - it's not free to run this homepage :). I just changed the way I place the news and hope this is easier. I'll place the newest additions just belowe the month so the news are always on top and I start by mentioning the albums that has got new pictures.

Jeg vil nævne nye ting her og henvise til de forskellige albums, jeg vil sikkert ikke sætte billeder ind her da jeg må spare på pladsen hvor jeg kan - det er ikke gratis at have en hjemmeside :).
Jeg har lige ændret måden at fortælle om nyheder. Det nyeste vil altid stå lige under måneden og jeg starter med at nævnte de berørte albums, det skulle gøre det lettere at se nyhederne. 

October 2017:

I have not been writing much about updates this year, it has been a pretty busy year for me, but I have added a lot of pictures mostly in the Barbie albums, mostly the MOD years and a little Francie too that's what I have been buying mostly, the other dolls have been resting some. 

In the section with Tammy by Ideal I added a new album, a friend og mine gave me a Tiffany Taylor doll and I then bought a Tuesday Taylor doll and I have now taken pictures of both dolls.

April 2017:

I'm not getting much done here right now, the reason is that this provider has told me that I can't upload more new pictures so my homepage can't grow, I have to delete pictures. I just deleted an album with European Mod dolls as I have sold most of them anyway. I also deleted lots of pictures of my Swedish Åhlens collection as I have sold most of it so now new owners can share the informations, I don't have room for it.

I got a couple of new dolls in the collection with their own album, first of all Faerie Glen's Tammy clone on Tina Cassini body, which I learned about from a French book by Kathy Moreau, I have placed a picture of that book in the literature album. The Faerie Glen doll is shown in the section with Tammy clones.

I also got a new French doll also shown in Kathy Moreau's book, a friend in our Barbie group found this for me. I gave the doll an album in the section Europe Fashion dolls, it's a no name doll for now.

I was so lucky to find a nice Barbie Mod outfit from 1969 complete in a flea market in Denmark, it's Fab City and it's shown in the album. I also bought a couple of Francie outfits from 1969 - Sissy Suit and Sugar Sheers and the very nice French seller added some items, 3 hats from 1967, a pair of shorts for 1966 SL Francie in the version with larger checks, I had an extra top so now I have two complete original outfits. In Holland I found Benefit Performance which I have been wanting for years and you can see it in the 1965 Outfits album. I need to update my vintage Barbie dolls pictures, I have gotten new ones since I made the latest pictures but I hope to get there soon.

October 2016:

I have run into a problem I can't upload more pictures on this stupid homepage, so until I find a new provider, I have to take some new pictures showing more than one doll of the same kind and I will but for now it's what it is. 

One new album has been made, in my Tammy clone section I have an album with Unknown Tammy clones and I have managed to identify one of the dolls there and get one more of this doll, a friend today found info in a french doll book about the doll and it's a Faerie Glen doll on a Tina Cassini Body, so a new album named Faerie Glen doll has been made.

7.August 2016:

Today I just picked up a large lot won from an auction house not too far from where I live and wow it's like christmas evening to go through it all. There is a new American Girl doll - a long hair brunette - pictured in the Vintage Barbie doll album and finally a Holiday Dance dress in my collection and you can see it in the 1965 album. I also got a new Julia doll - my 12th - I can't help myself, I love Julia dolls. Some MOD outfits also can be found in 1969 there's Made For Each Other, in 1971-72 you can find Fun Flakes, Golfing Greats, Magnificent Midi and Silver Serenade.

I just bought a lot of books from a former collector's family and I scanned the new ones to my album Literature. 

I decided to change some albums, the Barbie outfit albums were very large so now I made an album for each year both for the vintage and the MOD outfits. I got a few new ones, from 1969 I got a mint Winter Wow outfit that I'm real happy with. 

Today I also got an Emma Peel doll and found out that one of my mystery dolls probably also is a version of Emma Peel, and I decided to move Honey West from the American fashion doll section and created a new section just for those 3 dolls.  

July 2016:

I do get new stuff now and then but it's taking time to get pictures taken, I have too much else going on these days. Today I got a few new pictures taken, I have bought 2 more japanese dolls, a new Bella Tressy doll - a bit of a mystery doll to me - a couple of Mod Barbie outfit has been added too and Palitoy Tressy's Coffee Brake dress. 

May 2016:

Today my Carol Brent doll arrived. She is by ideal so her album is in the Tammy section.

I am the lucky one I think, I just got a second German Francie doll and both my dolls were found in Denmark. They can be seen in the Francie album. 

I also bought a 1975 Deluxe Quick Curl P.J. on the convention, the only Barbie doll I bought there.

Me and some friends just attended the Barbie Convention in Seevetal near Hamburg in Germany, it was my forth time there but what a disappointment it was. The sellers mostly had new Barbie dolls - by new i mean the Superstar era and the little vintage to be found was either too expensive or too poor or both at the same time. I can really do better on ebay even if I have to pay postal fee. I also look for competitors to Barbie but found almost nothing, sad because I was in "Petra country" but almost no Petra outfits or dolls to were to be found. We also came to buy doll stands but no such luck, the people that use to be there didn't come - we knew that because we had contacted them - and no other seller of stands was present. Next year the convention will be in March because the place it's taking place in is closed after that date to be renovated so I don't really know why the ones who arranges this didn't find another place but we'll not attend in 2017, the risk of bad weather is there and we use to camp and we can't just do so in March. Sad, sad because it's the nearest convention for us in Denmark and we like to meet other collectors.

April 2016:

I got a Sandy doll today, marked Japan, this time she is Sandy and Barbie size. She is in the album Japanese dolls.

I added 2 new albums to the section America Fashion dolls, Dear Judy and Mariclare by J.C. Penney.

March 2016:

There is some new pictures in the Åhléns album in the Europe Fashion doll section. I have found some nice outfit for Bobby in Denmark and a couple of new things for Caroline.

I just posted a picture in the Europe doll section in the album Marked Hong Kong. It's a male doll from Germany and he isn't marked at all but I didn't know where else to place him. He is a mystery doll to me but I hope somebody may recognize him and let me know.

I don't write about every little picture I am uploading, every now and then I get a new Barbie outfit and the picture is placed in the album. Today I edited my album Wish list in the hope that I can find some of the dolls I am missing.

February 2016:

I just got so lucky that I was offered a blonde Gaby (Tressy by Schildkröt) doll by the original owner in Germany and I was very happy to say yes. She is now pictured in the album.

January 2016:

I just edited my Link album, a lot of the links I had there were out of date so no need leaving them there. I did add some new ones too.

I just got a Bella Tressy Cils doll, I have been wanting one for a long time. She is in the Bella album.

I also found a special doll in Japan and got her today, she is in the album at the bottom called Unknown Dolls, she is unmarked and if anybody has a clue as to who she is and who made her please contact me. 

Sadly it wasn't a Marjie doll I found but once again an unknown Tammy clone, but she is cute anyway.

I just got a doll with a head I believe to belong to a Marjie doll by Pullan, Canada, I made her an album in the Tammy clone section. I bought her because she was on a Tina Cassini body and I needed a replacement arm for one of my Tina dolls.

I just got a doll marked Japan today, I found it in Germany. She is taller than most fashion dolls but I like her a lot. I placed her picture in the album Japanese dolls. If anybody know who she is I would be glad to know.I found out that she may be a Sandy doll by Asakusa toy in Japan from 1965.

I don't get around taking many new pictures these days, I really hope to get it done soon, I do have a lot of new things like new Petra outfits. Today I got a 4th version of Randy's outfit Special Occasions Only and did get that picture taken so go take a look in the Fab-Lu department in the Randy album if you like to see it.


Oktober 2016:

Jeg er løbet ind i et dumt problem, den dårlige hjemmeside her har begrænset antal billeder, så jeg kan ikke købe mere plads her, så indtil jeg finder en anden udbyder, må jeg forsøge at tage nye billeder af nogle dukker og samle dem på færre billeder, sådan må det så være indtil videre.

Jeg har lige lavet en ændring i Tammy clone sektionen, jeg har her et album som hedder Ukendte Tammy clones og det er ved hjælp af en god ven lykkes mig at identificere en som værende en Faerie Glen dukke og jag havde 2 af dem så nu er de i et særskilt album.

August 2016:

I dag har jeg hentet et lot jeg har købt på Lauritz og lagt en del nyt ind. Jeg har fået en fin langhåret American Girl med brunt hår. Holiday Dance kjolen har jeg nu også endelig fået og den kan ses i 1965 Vintage outfits albummet. En ny - nr. 12 - Juliadukke har fundet vej til min samling. Lidt MOd tøj er også kommet til, i 1969 Made for Each Other, i 1971-72 4 sæt, Fun Flakes, Golfing Greats, Magnificent og Silver Serenade.

Jeg har lige købt et stort lot bøger af en tidligere samlers familie og jeg har sannet de nye ind til Literature albummet.Jeg har ændret mine albums med Barbie tøj, både vintage og MOD, de var efterhånden uoverskuelige så jeg har lavet et album for hvert år. Der kommer jævnligt nyt til men ikke alt bliver nævnt, jeg vil dog lige nævne at i 1969 albummet har jeg fået et sæt Winter Wow i mint stand som jeg er meget glad for.

JEg har også i dag fået en Emma Peel dukke, hun er en type action figur som Honey West, derfor har jeg lavet en ny section bare til de dukker, og flyttet Honey West fra det album der hedder American Fashion dolls.

Juli 2016:

Det er ikke fordi jeg ikke får nyt af og til men simpelthen tidsmangel der gør, at jeg ikke rigtig får taget billeder af noget. I dag har jeg dog fået taget nogle, jeg har fået 2 nye japanske dukker, en Bella Tressy dukke som jeg ikke helt ved hvornår er fra, et par nye MOD Barbie sæt og en Coffee Brake kjole til Palitoy Tressy. 

Maj 2016:

I dag fik jeg min Carol Brent dukke, hun er lavet af Ideal og hendes album er i Tammy afdelingen.

Jeg føler mig heldig, nu har jeg lige fået nr. 2 Tysk Francie, som er sjælden, og begge dukker har jeg fundet i Danmark.

Jeg købte bare en Barbie dukke på convention i Tyskland og det var en 1975 Deluxe Quick Curl P.J.

Jeg og et par veninder har lige være til Barbie convention i Seevetal syd for Hamburg i Tyskland og hvilken skuffelse. Der var rigtig meget Superstar Barbie og meget lidt vintage, og det er var var enten for dyrt eller for ringe, eller begge dele på en gang. Jeg kan virkelig gøre bedre handler på ebay også selvom jeg skal betale porto. Jeg leder også efter konkurrenter til Barbie og det er skuffende at være i "Petra-land" og så ikke finde noget af den slags, jeg tror jeg så 2 Petra dukker af dem fra 70'erne og stort set ikke noget tøj. Vi kom også i høj grad for at købe stande til dukkerne, men dem som plejer at være der og sælge kom ikke i år - vi vidste det på forhånd for vi havde kontaktet dem, men det var en skuffelse at ikke andre var fundet i stedet.

Næste år bliver conventionen holdt i marts fordi hallen det bliver holdt i skal renoveres, men jeg forstår ikke hvorfor arrangørerne ikke finder et andet sted i stedet, vi kommer ihvertfald ikke, vejret kan være dårligt og vi plejer at bo i campingvogn, og det har vi ikke lige lyst til i marts måned, så det bliver 2017 før vi overvejer at komme tilbage. Sørgeligt, sørgeligt da det er den nærmeste Barbie convention for os i Danmark og vi kommer jo også for at møde andre samlere og få en dukkesnak.

April 2016:

Nu har jeg fået en ny Sandy og denne gang er det den korrekte, hun er i Japanese doll.

Jeg har tilføjet 2 albums til America fashiondolls sektionen, Dear Judy og Mariclare.

Marts 2016:

Der er kommet lidt flere nye billeder i Åhléns album'et under Europe Fashion dolls afdelingen, jeg har fundet nogle nye sæt til Bobby i Danmark og også et par nye Caroline ting.

Jeg har lige lagt et billede af en ny mandedukke jeg har fået fra Tyskland. Han er placeret i sektionen Europe dolls i albumet Marked Hong Kong selvom han ikke er mærket, men jeg vidste ikke hvor jeg ellers skulle placere ham. Han er et mysterium for mig, men jeg håber en eller anden ved, hvem han er og vil fortælle mig det.

Jeg skriver ikke om hvert eneste billede jeg sætter ind, jeg får jævnligt nyt til Barbie. I dag har jeg redigeret mit album med Wish list i håb om at jeg kan finde nogle af de dukker, jeg rigtig gerne vil have.

Februar 2016:

Jeg har lige haft det held at blive tilbudt en Gaby (Tressy fra Schildkröt) af den oprindelige ejer i Tyskland og var glad for at sige ja tak. Hun de nu vist i album.

Januar 2016:

Jeg har lige opdateret mit Link album, en del af link'sene virkede ikke mere så de er slettet,men jeg har tilføjet nogle nye

Jeg har også lige fået en Bella Tressy Cils, som jeg har ønsket længe, hun er i Bella album'et. 

En dukke jeg har fundet i Japan er også ankommet og kan ses i det album nederst på siden som hedder Unknown Dolls. Hun er umærket og jeg ved intet om hende.

Jeg fandt lige en usædvanlig dukke i Tyskland, hun er mærket Japan, er 2-3 cm større end Barbie. Hun kan ses i det album der hedder Japanese dolls.

Jeg får ikke taget så mange billeder af mine nye ting lige for tiden, jeg har en del som skal fotograferes, bl.a. nye Petra sæt, men det kommer forhåbentlig inden så længe. Jeg fik lige en 4. udgave af et sæt til Randy, som hedder Special Occasions Only, hvis du vil se det så kig i Fab-Lu afdelingen, hvor du finder Randys album.

Der er endnu ingen billeder i fotoalbummet.

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13.08 | 00:17

Greetings from Canada: I am have a Ahlens Tempo Bobby, and I am hoping you might be willing to sell this "Fraternity Meeting" outfit to me. Cheers, Lee Marie

06.06 | 19:56

Hej, kan du ikke lige skrive på min mail adresse, den kan du finde flere steder på siden, jeg kan ikke skrive ret meget her nemlig. Mvh Martha

05.06 | 10:37

20.4- 15-8 1965 var jeg ansat som eneste kontordame, men kender ikke noget til Barbie, men de andre dukker Pusle især. Var der senere for at hjælpe. Kirsten

23.05 | 19:15

Hi Martha! I have a question today. I believe Evergreen made the Midge doll for the Swedish Co. ÅH in the 60th. But there is another Midge look-alike, which ?

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