I will mention new items here and refere to the different albums, I will probably not be placing any pictures here as I have to save as much room as I can - it's not free to run this homepage :). I just changed the way I place the news and hope this is easier. I'll place the newest additions just belowe the month so the news are always on top and I start by mentioning the albums that has got new pictures.

Jeg vil nævne nye ting her og henvise til de forskellige albums, jeg vil sikkert ikke sætte billeder ind her da jeg må spare på pladsen hvor jeg kan - det er ikke gratis at have en hjemmeside :).
Jeg har lige ændret måden at fortælle om nyheder. Det nyeste vil altid stå lige under måneden og jeg starter med at nævnte de berørte albums, det skulle gøre det lettere at se nyhederne. 

March 2018:

I don't update much these days, I don't buy a lot because I think the prices has gone through the roof and I'm not willing to pay whatever price for things to my large collection, only what I think items are worth but it seems to me that some people has too much money and when they see something they want the pay whatever price just because they can and don't stop and think if it's worth that much, that kind of spoils it for the rest of us that has not lot our common sense. Well, my collection is large so really I can take it easy though there are things I really would like in my collection.

Today I got 2 Petra dolls mint in boxes with wrist tags, wow, never thought I could find those in Denmark but I did along with 4 boxed outfits from Boutique 1969. I think the dolls may be from that year too but I placed them with the early dolls as they have that face.

I also finally got Ken's American Airlines Captain outfit.

October 2017:

Just got the next outfit for Gaby/Kessy called Im Herbst which means in Autumn and the picture can be seen in the Schildkröt Tressy album.

More updates now, I just got a lot from Germany with rare outfits for Gaby/Kessy, the Tressy version made by Schildkröt and you can see them in that album. I'm expecting another of those outfits in a week or so.

I have not been writing much about updates this year, it has been a pretty busy year for me, but I have added a lot of pictures mostly in the Barbie albums, mostly the MOD years and a little Francie too that's what I have been buying mostly, the other dolls have been resting some. 

In the section with Tammy by Ideal I added a new album, a friend og mine gave me a Tiffany Taylor doll and I then bought a Tuesday Taylor doll and I have now taken pictures of both dolls.

April 2017:

I'm not getting much done here right now, the reason is that this provider has told me that I can't upload more new pictures so my homepage can't grow, I have to delete pictures. I just deleted an album with European Mod dolls as I have sold most of them anyway. I also deleted lots of pictures of my Swedish Åhlens collection as I have sold most of it so now new owners can share the informations, I don't have room for it.

I got a couple of new dolls in the collection with their own album, first of all Faerie Glen's Tammy clone on Tina Cassini body, which I learned about from a French book by Kathy Moreau, I have placed a picture of that book in the literature album. The Faerie Glen doll is shown in the section with Tammy clones.

I also got a new French doll also shown in Kathy Moreau's book, a friend in our Barbie group found this for me. I gave the doll an album in the section Europe Fashion dolls, it's a no name doll for now.

I was so lucky to find a nice Barbie Mod outfit from 1969 complete in a flea market in Denmark, it's Fab City and it's shown in the album. I also bought a couple of Francie outfits from 1969 - Sissy Suit and Sugar Sheers and the very nice French seller added some items, 3 hats from 1967, a pair of shorts for 1966 SL Francie in the version with larger checks, I had an extra top so now I have two complete original outfits. In Holland I found Benefit Performance which I have been wanting for years and you can see it in the 1965 Outfits album. I need to update my vintage Barbie dolls pictures, I have gotten new ones since I made the latest pictures but I hope to get there soon.


Oktober 2017:

Så fik jeg det næste sæt til Gaby/Kessy, det hedder Im Herbst - i efteråret - og er nu i albummet med Schildkröt Tressy.

Jeg har ikke rigtig fået skrevet updates på dansk, jeg har i det hele taget ikke fået opdateret meget, men hen ad vejen har jeg lagt nye billeder in i de forskellige Barbie albums og også lidt i Francies og Skippers. 

For ikke længe siden lavede jeg et nyt album under Tammy med Tiffany og Tuesday Taylor, nye dukke i min samling fra Ideal.

I dag har jeg også lagt nye billeder in i Schildkröt under Tressy, jeg har fået nogle sjældne sæt til Gaby/Kessy og jeg venter at få et sæt mere i løbet af den næste uge.

Der er endnu ingen billeder i fotoalbummet.

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Hej! Jag har två klänningar som jag inte kan identifiera. De har Prym tryckknappar. Kan jag skicka foton?

15.07 | 09:53

I got this dress on an Evergreen doll named "Gitta", which came mint in box. I'm not 100% sure, but I think it has a picture of it on the side of the box.

30.05 | 10:58

Hi, don't be, you're not alone, I believe we all do it now and then, at least I like to think I'm not alone - LOL - Martha

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SORRY! I need to leran to read :O

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