This doll looks a bit like a MOD doll but she just might be from the 60's. She is marked between the shoulders almost like the Evergreen dolls: Made in Hong Kong and 5011½. Hun ligner en 70'er dukke, men kan let være fra 60'erne. Hun er mærket næsten som Evergreen dukkerne mellem skulderbladene.

These 2 gentlemen are from the same maker, they are marked Made In Hong Kong above the hips. Disse to gentlemen er fra samme fabrik, de er mærket Made In Hong Kong over hofterne.

I just found this doll in Japan, she is unmarked and unknown to me. I have never seen another doll with this type of neck.

No markings on this doll, she is made of cheap plastic. The outfit I found in Sweden and I believe it is homemade.

I just bought this from UK, she is unmarked, her body is the same as Petra from the late 60's with twist waist and round neck knob

Nor marked in unknown dress with large white snaps

In this album I will place pictures of some dolls that are unknown to me. I hope they will not stay here as unknown forever but that I may be able to name them. Any help at all will be very welcome.

I dette album vil jeg placere billeder af nogle dukker som jeg ikke ved noget om. Jeg håber de ikke skal blive her altid som ukendte men at jeg vil blive i stand til at give dem et navn. Al hjælp vil være velkommen.

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Sabbi | Svar 13.08.2011 20.04

We just got a surprise box at a garage sale with a Petra and a lot of dresses! Your webpage helped us identify the years of so many of them! Thank you so much!

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17.10 | 21:41

Hi, you can't you have to write to my email, you find that several places on my homepage: m_dalsgaard13@hotmail.com

17.10 | 21:02

Thank you, Martha!
I am a Barbie and Fashion Doll collector for nearly 30 years now; How can I put in a photo here?

15.10 | 23:04

Hi, sorry for not getting back earlier, I have been quit busy but didn't forget your notice. I would love to see pictures of you dolls

06.10 | 11:52

Hi, I too own both dolls, the smaller Sandy-Chan (Barbie size) and the taller one looking like Sandy but around 32cm tall.
If you like I can mail you a picture

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