Marked Unique and looks exactly like Calico Lassie except for the hair. I found out that she was called Judy. Mærket Unique og ser ud nøjagtig som Calico Lassie pånær håret.

I don't know anything about that outfit. Jeg ved intet om dette sæt.

Just got one more Judy doll, this time a brunette and found in Denmark.

I got this dress from Sweden, knows nothing about it.

This doll is marked like Calico Lassie and except for the hair-do she is identical to Calico Lassie.  Her name is Judy, she is canadian and she was made by Unique for Mayfair Doll Company.

Denne dukker er mærket som Calico Lassie og ligner denne undtagen på håret. Hun hedder Judy, er canadisk og blev lavet af Unique for Mayfair Doll Company.

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Manny Perez | Svar 20.07.2013 07.13

Unique is the company that made the dolls for Elite creations and Shillman! the U head dolls are all by Unique doll company!

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16.10 | 12:22

Hi, Yes I do believe it is, thanks, I think I can add that info to the picture.

16.10 | 04:53

The skipper-sized modern Japanese doll is probably Takara's Licca.

05.08 | 09:29

Thanks, but I'm sure the dress is right, I have learned that those making the outfits used very different fabrics for versions, but I can see what you say.

05.08 | 08:57

Hi Martha,
The hat is the correct one.. but I guess the dress is not
Looking at the booklet it is a silk one with lots of purple, yellow and orange flowers.

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