I was able to buy this book from the autors Eveline Teyssier and Anne-Marie Porot and it is a great help to me to identify outfits, even though I only know a little french, but google translate is there

These are my Bella Tressy 1st version dolls, at least I believe they are all Bella dolls. I have however had my doubts about the doll to the left and thought she might be a 2nd version AC Tressy but then the make-up is very much like Bella Tressy's. I can't remember where I bought her. They were sold with the same dress and key as the first 4 AC Tressy dolls were. Dette er første version Bella Tressy dukker, i det mindste tror jeg alle 3 er men jeg har haft mine tvivl mht dukken til venstre. Hun kan være en AC Tressy 2. version, men make-up'en ligner Bella Tressy dukkernes. Desværre kan jeg ikke huske, hvor jeg har hende fra. De blev solgt med samme kjole og nøgle som de første 4 versioner af AC Tressy.

Bella Tressy 2nd version with bendable legs. 2. udgave af Bella Tressy med bøjelige ben.

This is a version of a Bella Tressy 2nd version original outfit. Bella Tressy 1st and 2nd version came with AC keys. En udgave af en original kjole til Bella Tressy 2. version. Både 1. og 2. version Bella Tressy havde nøgler som dem til AC dukkerne.

1966 Nancy doll, she has had a bad haircut so she is wearing a wig

Nancy in a Bella dress but I don't know which, it is made of cotton and not knit like the common ones.

1965 Bellita without growing hair and with 2 different hair length and colors

I have read somewhere on the internet something a French collector told about this dress, it might be the dress Bellita was wearing when she was sold as Ariane in Monoprix shops.

Ariane from 1966/67 with original outfit and stand

I got this with the blonde Ariane doll, the pattern is for Hilda, she is similar to Ariane and Bellita, she was offered by "Punch" I think the translation states it's prison work but the french collector may be able to explain this to me. I don't know if the

Here is a box with the dress form and patterns and also some fabric, this is how mine was sold.

1967 3rd version Bella Tressy without grow hair function. Versionen fra 1967 uden mekanismen, der kan få håret til at gro.

I got the doll to the left with the Stewardess outfit, I thought she was just like the other 3rd version Tressy dolls I have but it turns out she has no painted eyelashes. I found one more on so it's not a one of a kind but she was made this way. She is not the 1977 version, she has the same face as early Bella Tressy dolls.

This Stewardess outfit is from 1974, the shoes are newer, I believe they belong to Spice Girls

1967 1st version of Marilyn, the french Mary Make-up doll. Første udgave af Marily, den franske Mary Make-up

I got the grow hair version of Marilyn now too, it's the doll to the left.

This is Tressy Cils from 1968-69

Tressy Cils with box and I believe Marilyn's dress

Tressy Cils dolls in unknown outfits, the bue dress to the right is homemade I'm sure but very nice.

1967-1969 Snoukey by Bella. Finally I succeeded in buying not just one but two Snoukey dolls from France.

1967-1969 Snoukey. They are both 2nd version dolls with bendable legs.

1977 Tressy with grow hair function and original dress. The boots she has borrow from Barbie. I have seen pictures of her box, it says: The star of the small screen and that her hair grows and her legs bends

This is what this doll was sold with, I believe in 1978

1977 The doll to the left were sold as Tressy, her hair grows and leg bends. The one to the right was sold as Sophie or Miss Helen doll her hair is straight wit no grow hair function

Another Bella Tressy dolll without grow hair function, this time a blonde. I just learned that they are from 1977. In my Tressy book I see that she is either called Sophie by Miss Helen, She is an cheaper doll.

I believe these could be Bella Tressy 2nd version original outfits. Jeg tror dette kan være originale kjoler til Bella Tressy 2nd version.

31-07 Bella Tressy, the one to the left is 1976-77 with side glancing eyes and the next 2 are the 1977 version with front facing eyes

31-07 Tressy from about 1977 and onward. She is wearing. She is wearing Jackson City from 1978, missing the belt

This version of Bella Tressy is called 31-14 and was made from 1979. Denne version hedder 31-14 og blev lavet fra 1979.

2 Bouclette dolls from 1983

The Bouclette dolls are wearing original Bella outfits. I have learned that they have their own range of outfits and I don't know if these are some of them.

I'm told that this is a rare version of a Bella Tressy outfit called Nightclub, I believe it's the 1967 version. I got it in a Barbie lot from France. Jeg har fået at vide at dette er en sjælden version af et Bella Tressy sæt som hedder Nightclub, jeg tror det er 1967 udgaven. Jeg har fået det i et Barbie lot fra Frankrig.

This is a Bella outfit from 1967 called Aurora and I got it with the Nightclub outfit. Dette er et Bella sæt fra 1967 som hedder Aurora og det fik jeg i samme lot som Nightclub.

This Bella outfit is called Wild Enchantment and I got it in a Barbie lot from France. The Palitoy version of this called the same but the AC version is called Serendipity. Wild Enchantment er navnet på dette Bellasæt, som jeg har fået i et Barbie lot fra Frankrig. Palitoy udgaven hedder det samme mens AC udgaven hedder Serendipity.

From the same lot I got these pieces of a 1971 Bella outfit, missing are a pair of hotpants and a vest in the same fabric as the skirt, a white vinyl belt and short white boots. Fra samme lot fik jeg disse dele af et Bella sæt fra 1971, der mangler hotpants og vest i samme stof som nederdelen, et hvidt vinylbælte og hvide, korte støvler.

I bought this outfit from the original owner. It's is from 1968 and is called Footing. The picture in the catalogue shows the coat without the fake fur on the sleeves but these are actually loose cuffs and the owner told me they were part of the outfit when she got it as a little girl. Dette er et sæt fra 1968 som hedder Footing. Jeg har købt det af den oprindelige ejer. På billeder fra katalog vises frakken uden pels forneden på ærmerne. Det er faktisk løse dele, som kan fjernes og den oprindelige ejer siger, at det var med sættet da hun fik det som barn.

From the same owner I got this wonderful outfit called Premiere Bal from 1966. Fra samme ejer fik jeg dette sæt som hedder Premiere Bal og er fra 1966.

This Bella wedding outfit is called Mariee and is from 1966. The veil is not correct. Denne brudekjole hedder Mariee og er fra 1966. Sløret er ikke det rigtige.

This seems to be a variation of this dress from 1976, the ones in the book is in different fabric, this is indian cotton and has an attached cotton under skirt

This outfit is by Bella and is called Charlotte. The same outfit in a blue version is shown in the 1968 Schildkröt outfit for Gaby/Kessy called Hübsch ins Bett which means Beautiful in Bed. There should be some accessories here I believe.

I got this from France so it must be the Bella version of Boutique Shopping, on a homepage I found the outfit and the owner says that there should be stockings and sandals and some bags to this outfit but don't say what color or shape they should be.

Quartier Latin fra 1965

I was told this was Ostalgie for Steffi from DDR but now I see it all the time for sale for Belle Tressy so I believe it is from France.

Bella Tressy 1973 presentation outfit with knitted red slacks

Bella Tressy 1976 not in catalogue. I don't believe the white belt is original to this outfit, it looks homemade

Bella Tressy 1976 Raincoat in gabardine, it was made in other colors too

Bella Tressy 1980 Trouville, missing yellow blouse with ties to make a bow

Belle Tressy outfit from 1967-69

This outfit is from 1977 and called Giboutée

I believe these are the pants for Jumping 1968

These I found pictures in the Bella Tressy book, they are from 1969 for Mignonne. The yellow is missing the flower on top and the gold text is almost gone

These are a couple of dresses the 31- dolls from 1977 were sold with

This is called Shopping and is from 1979, here the hat and a tie are missing.

This is Copenhague from 1980

Kilmandjaro from 1978 missing the belt

Bella Tressy parts for other outfits

My first Tressy case is from late 1977

The outfit is Candide from 1980.

This version is from 1981, Bella introduced a new cheap doll collection with 31-14 head and body like Bouclette without grow hair function. She was sold as Tressy's best friend and was sold with spare time outfits.

Little by little I have picked up some Bella Tressy dolls as well, some from France, some from Germany and also some were found in Denmark. I also got some Bella outfits without knowing what they were at first, I got some in a Barbie lot bought in France, and one of them turned out to be a rare and vhtf outfit. Later I have bought a couple of very beautiful Bella outfit on ebay in France.I just got a couple of 3rd version Bella Tressy dolls without the grow hair mechanism and I noticed that they are very different. The first one I got is exactly like the one shown on the Tressy page with side glancing eyes but the second doll has eyes that looks straight ahead, I don't know if she might have been re-painted, I really can't tell or if she was sold like this. If anybody knows please tell me.

I'm so happy with the book about Bella, I still learns a lot. I just got myself a Ariane  doll and found out that Bellita and she has a "sister" called Hilda. 
Lidt efter lidt har jeg fundet nogle Bella Tressydukker også, nogle i Frankrig, nogle i Tyskland og også i Danmark har jeg fundet nogle. Undervejs har jeg også fået tøj fra Bella uden at vide det til at starte med, jeg fik noget i et Barbie lot jeg købte i Frankrig. Det har senere vist sig at det ene sæt er sjældent og svært at finde. Siden har jeg også købt et par flotte Bella sæt på ebay i Frankrig.  

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