Here are some hair things and a couple of booklets about how to take care of Tressy's hair. I got it from USA. Her er noge ting til at ordne hår og nogle foldere om frisurer osv. Jeg har fået det fra USA.

This is from the inside of the folder shown in the picture with AC Tressy hair things. Dette er inden i folderen som er vist på billedet med Tressy's hår ting.

This is an add from the Danish version of Donald Duck in 1965, the pictures shows Palitoy Tressy dolls. It says that Tressy is the only doll in the world whos hair can be ajusted and will go well for any of the wonderful outfits whether it's sports outfits or elegant evening gowns. Dette er en reklame fra Anders And i 1965 som viser Palitoy Tressy dukker.

This is a copy of a Swedish add showing Palitoy Tressy outfits. Dette er en kopi af en svensk reklame som viser Palitoy Tressy tøj.

These af Palitoy Tressy outfits from a folder, I will show all of these outfits in the Palitoy album, some of them are complete. Dette er Palitoy Tressy tøj fra en folder, jeg vil vise alle disse sæt i album'et Palitoy Tressy, nogle af dem er komplette sæt.

This is front and back of a Bella Tressy folder. Dette er forside og bagside af en Bella Tressy folder.

Inside Bella Tressy folder. Indeni Bella Tressy folderen.

I came to believe this was a Eastern Germany bedroom but all the time I see the same or similar sold in France as Tressy's bedroom and that's what I believed from the start.

The next albums will show my Tressy doll collection. I have Tressy dolls by American Character in USA, who made Tressy. AC gave license to a lot of other companies in different countries and I have Tressy dolls by Regal in Canada, by Palitoy in UK, by Bella in France, by Schildkröt in Germany and I just bought one by Novo Gama in Spain but she hasn't arrived yet. I have outfits by American Character, by Palitoy and by Bella. They also gave license to Lili Ledy in Mexico but I don't have any of those dolls.
I will show the AC doll, the Palitoy dolls and the Bella dolls in each their album. The rest of the dolls will share and album because I don't have more than one of each. I'm not going to write a lot about Tressy  her but if you want to know a lot more about her you should visit the absolute best site there is:

I recently started using a very nice homepage showing good pictures of the outfits:

I just got in contact with some French collectors and ordered a book showing the Bella Tressy outfits, it hasn't arrived yet but when it does i will write about it here.

Here is a link to the book:

I have some more links to other Tressy doll pages and you can find them in the LINK album.

I have had some problems identifying some of the dolls. The AC dolls are the easiest to tell apart for me at least but when it comes to the Palitoy and the Bella version I'm not all that certain. I have done my best and if any Tressy experts don't agree please don't hesitate to let me know, I would love to get it right.

De næste albums vil vise min samling af Tressy dukker. Jeg har dukker fra American Character, som lavede Tressy. AC gav licens til en del andre fabrikker i forskellige lande og jeg har Tressy dukker fra Palitoy i England, fra Regal i Canada, fra Bella i Frankrig, fra Schildkröt (Skildpadde) i Tyskland og jeg har lige købt en fra Novo Gama i Spanien, som jeg ikke har fået endnu. AC gav også licens til Lili Ledy i Mexico men jeg har ingen af disse dukker.
Jeg vil vise AC dukker, Palitoy dukker og Bella dukker i hver deres album og resten deler et album, jeg har kun én af hver af dem.
Jeg vil ikke skrive mere om Tressy og hendes historie men henvise til den absolut bedste identifikationsside når det drejer sig om Tressy dukker og tøj:

Jeg er fornylig begyndt at bruge en hjemmeside med gode billeder af Tressy tøj:


Jeg har lidt flere links men dem placerer jeg i album'et som hedder LINKS.

Jeg har haft nogle problemer med identifikationen af de forskellige Tressy dukker, American Character dukkerne er ikke så svære i mine øjne men når det dommer til Palitoy og Bella dukkerne, er jeg ikke helt sikker på, at jeg har ret. Hvis nogen skulle være uenig med mig så tøv ikke med at skrive, jeg vil helst af alt have det rigtigt.


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Mycket vackra foton du har och jag gillar alt nytt!!
Maila mig Martha!!!!...

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16.10 | 12:22

Hi, Yes I do believe it is, thanks, I think I can add that info to the picture.

16.10 | 04:53

The skipper-sized modern Japanese doll is probably Takara's Licca.

05.08 | 09:29

Thanks, but I'm sure the dress is right, I have learned that those making the outfits used very different fabrics for versions, but I can see what you say.

05.08 | 08:57

Hi Martha,
The hat is the correct one.. but I guess the dress is not
Looking at the booklet it is a silk one with lots of purple, yellow and orange flowers.

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