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Lizzy | Svar 30.06.2014 21.37

I own a Mary Lou doll in her original tube. She is indeed Pepper size.

Martha Andersen 30.06.2014 21.41

Lucky you, I hope to find one some day and I'm sure I will, it took me forever to find my first Randy doll so I can wait.
Kind regards

monika | Svar 07.09.2012 23.34

MARY LOU 11 1/2" from Chad Valley UK is RANDY 11 1/2" from Fab-Lu NY - and little MARY LOU 9" from Fab-Lu isn't in any booklet, but in tube (and law-suit)Monika

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I går | 23:04

Hi, sorry for not getting back earlier, I have been quit busy but didn't forget your notice. I would love to see pictures of you dolls

06.10 | 11:52

Hi, I too own both dolls, the smaller Sandy-Chan (Barbie size) and the taller one looking like Sandy but around 32cm tall.
If you like I can mail you a picture

15.07 | 21:26

Thank you so much for sharing so many pictures and information about vintage dolls. Kind regards from The Netherlands

21.06 | 22:54

Hi, thanks for that, I love when people share their knowledge with me, I'll enter that information. Do you also know if there was a stole to the dress?

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