1966-67 #1250 Gad-About missing the go go glasses.

#1251 It's A Date from 1966

#1252 First Things First from 1966

1966-67 #1253 Tuckered Out, missing the matching checked socks and pink comb, brush and Mirror.

#1254 Fresh As A Daisy from 1966.

#1255 Polka Dots 'n Raindrops from 1966

1966-67 #1257 Dance Party with the pink dotted lace-trimmed tricot half slip under the dress.

#1259 Checkmates from 1966 missing the original red shoulder bag. Her mangler den røde skuldertaske.

#1261 Shoppin' Spree from 1966

1966-67 #1266 Quick Shift

1968 #1725 Twiggy-Do's missing the yellow socks and although Sara Sink Eames shows this outfit with these flat soft shoes she says in the text that it should be yellow soft bow shoes as does Joe Blitman.

1968 #1726 Twiggy Turnouts complete outfit.

1967-68 #1272 Hi Teen

#1275 Side-Kick! from 1967. I showed the dress with white boots earlier but after I got Joe Blitmans book I learned it came with soft, red flats, I only have one for now.

1967-68 #1274 Iced Blue, the shoes should be white soft heels but I only had a pair of cutout shoes to show with the outfit.

1967 #1276 Summer Frost

#1257 Sun Spots from 1967

#1283 Sweet In Swingin' from 1967. The purse is wrong and also the shoes are not the right ones, they are on their way.

1967 #1287 Border-Line, I found this for sale on a Skipper doll in Denmark. Missing the hat, the lacy hose and blue buckle flats. I also found the dress to the left in Denmark, the color is more vibrant than the other.

1967 #1288 In-Print

#1207 Floating In from 1968-69

1968-69 #1208 The Silver Cage

#1910 Hill Riders from 1968-69

1968-69 #1214 Culotte-Wot? missing the green sunglasses and could use new boots, they have lost some color in the lower part.

1968 #1216 The Lace-Pace. The bow on the coat has been replaced and the stockings are not the correct ones but they will do.

Cool-It! Fashion Pak outfit from 1968 missing cork sandals with yellow nylon ties. Til kjolen mangler korksandaler med gule nylonsnører.

1968 Francie Pak outfit called Get Readies. I forgot to show the pink open toe shoes in this picture.

1967 Pak Mod-Hatters now complete

#1219 Somethin' Else from 1969-70. The shoes should be yellow buckled.

#1220 Land Ho! from 1969-70

1969 #1221 Tennis Tunic missing a ball.

1969-70 #1222 Gold Rush. The bodice is very worn

1969 #1223 The Yellow Bit

#1225 Snazz from 1969

1969 #1227 Long On Looks, The shoes shown are not alike, the right shoe is the one to the right and after the picture was taken I got a perfect match for that so both shoes are now hot pink

1969 #1228 Sissy Suit, the belt and shoulder purse are missing. On most of the pictures I see of this outfit the shoes are like these soft buckled but in Sarah Sink Eames she shows it with pink bow.

1969 #1229 Sugar Sheers, the shoes can be either soft pink buckled like those for Sissy Suit or white soft mules. The record is missing

#1231 Pink Lightning from 1969-70

#1234 The Combination from 1969-1970. Missing a tricot blouse with the same print as the lining of the jacket. Her mangler en bluse i samme stof som jakkens fór

#1237 Satin Happenin' from 1970-1971, 1974.

1970-71, 1974 #1240 Pony Coat

1970 #1242 Alltogether Elegant complete

1970-71, 1974 #1244 Wedding Whirl

#1245 Snake Charmers from 1970-1971, 1974.

1970-71 #1761 Sunny Slacks The outfit came with eiter hot pink square toe or soft flat buckled shoes.

1970-71 #1762 Pink Power missing pink stockings and square toe shoes.

These are the 2 versions of #1764 Corduroy Cape from 1970-71 missing the blue boots.

1970-71 #1768 Waltz In Velvet

1971-72 #3444 Midi Plaid

1971-72 #3446 Midi Bouquet complete

1971-72,1974 #3449 Buckaroo

#3455 Frosty Fur from 1971- 1974

#3275 Little Knits from 1972. The blouse was part of and outfit with hot pink hotpants and knee socks, white vinyl sandals and a white vinyl belt. Blusen er en del af et sæt med pink shorts og knæstrømper, et hvidt bælte og hvide vinylsandaler.

#3282 The Long View from 1972.

2005 Repro of 1972 #3287 Smashin' Satin. This outfit is almost impossible to find vintage, I think I have seen part of it for sale once so I ended up buying the repro version, the doll doll to the left is repro No Bangs Francie, the one to the right is the vintage No Bangs Francie.

#3365 REady! Set! Go! from 1972, I only have the jeans so missing are an aqua tricot tank top, brown vinyl belt, a red scarf with white dots and stars, red sunglasses and white tennisshoes. Jeg har kun bukserne, så her mangler en blå top, et brund vinylbælte, et rødt tørklæde med hvide prikker og stjerner, et par røde solbriller og hvide tennissko.

1972 #3364 Sleepy Time Gal. I didn't have the felt slippers so I made some myself. I also miss the blue mirror, brush and comb that came with this outfit

#3366 Pretty Frilly from 1972

1972 #3368 Red, White 'n Bright

1973 Best Buy fashion #8644

8649 Hubsch Kombiniert fra 1973

#7765 Francie Doll's Best Buy Fashions from 1974

1974 Best Buy #7769

This album will show the Francie outfits I have in my collection.I'm using Sarah Sink Eames Vol I and II for identifacion. I don't have a lot of Francie outfits so I show it all, also the single pieces I have.

Dette album vil vise det Francie tøj jeg har i min samling. Jeg bruger Sarah Sink Eames Vol I og II til at identificere tøjet. Jeg har ikke så meget Francie tøj så det hele bliver vist, også enkeltdele.

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