#7746 Best buy outfit from 1974

#7747 Best buy from 1974

#7748 Best Buy Fashion 1974

1974 #7750 missing belt

#7752 Blue Suit, it was sold without shoes

#7754 Best Buy Fashion 1974

#7755 Best Buy Fashion 1974

#7756 Best Buy Fashion 1974 missing the sunhat, a plastic burger and a pepsi bottle. Mangler solhat i samme stof some skjorten, en plastikburger og en pepsi cola.

#7757 Best Buy Fashion MOC. I just found this in Denmark.

#7813 Best Buy Fashion 1974

#7816 Best Buy from 1974

1974 #7817 Best Buy outfit, it was sold without shoes.

#7818 Best Buy Fashion

1974 #7820 Best Buy outfit came with a white comb and brush

#7821 Best buy fashion from 1974 missing the hat.

#7824 Best Buy Fashion from 1974

#7839 Bride Get-Ups 'N Go complete outfit, I got an extra outfit and the bouquets are different, the one to this outfit is the one with yellow tulle and for my other outfit the bouquet has white tulle

1974 #7840 Party Dress

#7841 Party Separates

#7843 Party Dress from 1974, that's what Sarah Sink Eames calls it, but I have seen it named Salmon Party and that makes sense - the color is salmon

These are the outfits I have from 1974

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24.04 | 21:48

Vil du fortælle mig hvor jeg kan sælge Barbie fra 50 erne
Lys hestehale
Sorte højhælede sko
Hul under fødder
Lidt glimt i de malede øreringe
Lang kjo

02.04 | 18:33

iam sonja from germany, rheinland *

no, this is not one of petra's horses, have been collecting barbie, petra, big jim, sindy etc. horses for over 30 jh

21.03 | 08:24

after lilli before barbie!

05.02 | 22:58

Red dress is for Petra by Plasty

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