I gave her an AG body and dressed her up in Intrigue.

She also got a wig - from a Fashion Queen color 'n style set

I was asking who she was, and my friend asked contacts in the Barbie world and they came up with this explanation, that I totally buy: 
Mattel factory Malaysia are producing Mattel's repro dolls and they have an outlet store and they are selling the unused or defective heads and accessories on there.
Ali-express and some other people got these repros and other dolls accessories from there.
I read from doll Gaul in Instagram it's a repro factory head that never got rooted, they're quite a catch.
Looks like the 2014 ponytail reproduction, the scalp color usually indicates the color of hair the doll will have.
One more comment from the helpful collector is: I see these coming out of China.
Thank you who ever you are for the great help!

I only have repro Color Magic doll so I can't really take a good look at the scalp, but on the lower neck it says Mattel 1958 like on this head.

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24.04 | 21:48

Vil du fortælle mig hvor jeg kan sælge Barbie fra 50 erne
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02.04 | 18:33

iam sonja from germany, rheinland *

no, this is not one of petra's horses, have been collecting barbie, petra, big jim, sindy etc. horses for over 30 jh

21.03 | 08:24

after lilli before barbie!

05.02 | 22:58

Red dress is for Petra by Plasty

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