Little Miss Lolita Lalka doll and Sevenyl

Little Miss Lolita

Little Miss Lolita with original swimsuit and box

This is my Sévenyl doll with box


Here is how they are displayed right now, Lolita in a Miss Suzette dress and Sévenyl in a dress by the danish designer Else Skipper.

This is a Julian Kalinowski doll Little Miss Lolita in the Lalka line, I believe she is from about 2017 but she is not marked. I am expecting another Julian doll this time a Sévinyl doll, I'm still more for the vintage but it's getting harder to find what I miss of vintage dolls and outfits now being a long time collector so I have turned to more modern dolls, I don't have room to show them here but that will change this year, I'm going to move my homepage to a new concept but that takes time - I think about 6 month and there will be references to my new page, I'll get my own www then. Till then most of my new dolls can be seen on our Barbie club page - Barbie-Klub-Vest, it's in danish but the pictures should be easy to find.  About the Julian Kalinowski dolls can be said that each and every one of them are handpainted so no 2 are completely alike but actually ooak dolls.

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06.12 | 17:21

Hej, ikke ret meget, jeg finder dem ofte på genbrug for 5-10 kr. og de er svære at sælge, men har de fint tøj, kan det måske sælge dem. Mvh Martha

06.12 | 15:01

Hej, jeg har en lignende, hvad tror du om værdi? Stemplet Evergreen, 1011, Hong Kong. Med tøj.
På forhånd mange tak 😊

05.12 | 10:50

Hi, thanks, I would like to see your Faerie Glen doll, if you have a picture you could send it to my mail, you find it many places, at least in the intro text

03.12 | 09:52

Really helpful, I have this doll and have been trying to identify her. I have a more modern Faerie Glen doll but she is marked Faerie Glen.

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