This should be by Plasty from 1964 Miss Bunny

Miss Bunny, I have tried to make an outfit similar to the one she was sold with but I only had pictures to look after so it's not perfect.

I was told by a nice person that this is a rare Plasty doll called Miss Bunny and that she it was made in 1964 prior to Petra. She was sold with swimsuit and Bunny-ears. She is extremely rare because she was never mass produced. Thank you so much, Rob, for sharing this with me, I really didn't have a clue as to who she was, I got her in a mixed lot from Germany, but luckily kept her because I like her expression. I believe I'll look at the pictures shown on the internet and see if I can reproduce some years for her, the swimsuit is common and I have some.

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ROB | Svar 04.03.2020 08.01

She was available in various hair colors (mainly bubble cut hairstyle).

Martha Andersen 04.03.2020 16.13

I'm really grateful for all the help I can get and I'm going to change my text now. Yes, I saw the different hair colors on google, I'll try to make some years

Rob | Svar 04.03.2020 07.50

Her stock number was #890, while that of the first Petra doll was #999. Miss Bunny dolls are extremely rare because they weren't mass produced.

Martha Andersen 04.03.2020 16.11

Hi Rob, thank you for taking the time to educate me about this doll, I have corrected my friend who believed her to be newer. no more room, here but next

Rob | Svar 04.03.2020 07.49

Her body is almost identical to that of the first Petra doll (slender neck, small neck knob) and she can also be identified by her green eyes.

Rob | Svar 04.03.2020 07.46

The Miss Bunny doll was the first project of the Plasty company (Neulußheim, Germany) in the field of fashion dolls in 1964.

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05.08 | 09:29

Thanks, but I'm sure the dress is right, I have learned that those making the outfits used very different fabrics for versions, but I can see what you say.

05.08 | 08:57

Hi Martha,
The hat is the correct one.. but I guess the dress is not
Looking at the booklet it is a silk one with lots of purple, yellow and orange flowers.

10.07 | 14:24

Thanks, do you know if she is by Linda Doll co.? Kind regards Martha

10.07 | 06:41

This is doll's name is Chelsea

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