Mamzelle De Paris and boyfriend

I just got my second repro Kiraz doll, the one to the left, my friend Lilli created a Chanel outfit for her and a beautiful red dress and new stands, so very happy with them all.

I bought a reproduction of the Kiraz doll, the vintage one is almost impossible to find. My friend Lilli printed her a boyfriend using 3D and pictures of Kiraz drawings. She also made their outfits and I'm so happy with that. 

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05.08 | 09:29

Thanks, but I'm sure the dress is right, I have learned that those making the outfits used very different fabrics for versions, but I can see what you say.

05.08 | 08:57

Hi Martha,
The hat is the correct one.. but I guess the dress is not
Looking at the booklet it is a silk one with lots of purple, yellow and orange flowers.

10.07 | 14:24

Thanks, do you know if she is by Linda Doll co.? Kind regards Martha

10.07 | 06:41

This is doll's name is Chelsea

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