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Hot Rod Online: A shop story of MB MOTOR

Our Good Friend and partner

Dansk Ford A klub

Pete and Jakes:


Classic Instruments

Dennis Parks
Good site of his books and services

Streetrodsonline (great website)

Hop up
This is great - like the old days

Nöstdals (our good friends- doing great jobs)


Street Rodder
Wery nice mag,lots of reading

Retrorodz one of my good friends in usa enjoy his work


NEW BOOK !!!!!!!!!!!!

New fantastic book from oure good friend and partner
Joe Abbin owner of Roadrunner engineering.
One of the best, about blowers
Look after this book from Roadrunner, you will be wery happy for all the gold in that book.
Road Runner Book

The first   fantastic book from Joe Abbin
You will learn alot of the things , you need about the Flathead and the Blowers
Just bye it!!! Now


En film helt i top, og der er ingen tvivl om et meget stort arbejde for at få alt så rigtigt fra dengang, og samtidig en rigtig god historie.
Masser af Hot Rods

A movie in the high end, very good job
A story from the old days, when all was easy
Lots of Hotrods