Ohh what a start

Rear end finished

Working day

Welding job


Power welding

Frame start up

Just try to assemble

Rear end job

Driveshaft made

Everything hooked up

Frontend fitting

Old frontend allingment

It begins to look like... a hot rod

Fitting headders and frame

Now it begins to be .. .

Rearend finished


Frontend finished

Just checking


Kick up jag


Nice nice

Rolling frame done

The body

Rear end body

Some rust and a missing roof

Start to grind


Hmm can it fit?

Great !!

Engine in the body - it's too big!

Cut out for some more space

Made some wall - fire wall

Ok.... now great


Some nice framework

There comes more and more into the car

Ready for the colum

Where to start?

Inside rear

Inside finished

Begin to make some wheel housing

A lot of welding


Fitting body to the frame

Great stance

It will be very low