Spirituality, a glimpse of the "mysterium", prayers and poems written in the "Stillerum, Taize" during the "Kirkedage" in Haderslev, May 17-19. 2007
En bøn for heling (60x80 cm, akryl på lærred) sølgt

In the Stillness of  your Presence

My heart longs for you, O Lord,
Ín the stillness of your presence
I see your holiness.

In the stillness of your presence, O Lord,
I see myself before you, a sinner-
a seeker of lusts.

My heart longs for you, O Lord,
to partake of your holiness
to stand in awe of your presence
so pure and white as snow.

Rense me from my dirty spots
In your presence of awe and wonder,
let me dwell and find rest,
to be renewed in my inside
by the stillness of your presence.

Restore to me
a clean heart and mind.

Speak To Me, O Lord
      Give me the calmness of your spirit

God, speak to my inner being
Give me the calmness of your spirit
that I may take up the course in life
without running and gasping.

Give me the calmness of your spirit, O Lord,
to be able to cry when life hurts
but without giving up the hope in you.

Give me the calmness of your spirit, O Lord,
that I may not seek to prove what I can
to be affirmed of my own worth.

Deliver me, O Lord,
from the self-seeking nature.

Deliver me, O Lord,
from the stress and hazzles
of surviving and striving.

Speak to my inner being, dear God,
that I may find your peace
and purpose in living
that I may find my worth
as your child
without running the hectic race
to compete for greatness.

Silence in front of the Running Water

The sound of the running water,
falling on cascades
breathing a life
through its sounds,

Music to the ears
of the one searching
for peace and comfort
on hand.

Water, crystal clear,
pure, clean and simple -
running, falling, reverberating
on the stone layers.

Out of the stone layers
breaks forth a green plant,
a symbol of life,
claiming its place
among the hard and solid  rocks,
finding life`s fragility
and purpose of springing
in spite of the rocks'
toughness and rigidity.

In the running water,
I see Jesus the symbol of life -
sustaining, reverberating
upholding the fragile life
in a plant and mine.

Jesus, the living water,
the running, cascading music
reverberating, calling for us
never to give up living.

The Icon on the Wall

A pose of serenity
Golden colours of the royalty
brushed into the icon on the wall.
Mary, in front of a winged angel
opens her hand to the message
of her pregnancy.

Icon on the wall
of an angel and Mary
Icon, on the wall -- reminding
the historical legacy of faith
passed on through eternity.

Icon on the wall--
you a reminder of our faith journey
You, a sign to our
common legacy
You, that points to
the human creativity.

Icon on the wall,
stay there on the wall
stay there before my soul
that meditates on the deepest truth
on humanity--
on being a created image
by God`s loving hand.

Speak to me, O Lord

Speak to me through the sounds
of  the running water
that echoes your faithfulness
to uphold your gift of life.

Speak to me through the icons
of the walls, dear God,
to remind me of the biblical stories of faith
to comfort and inspire.

Speak to me, O Lord,
through these people
sitting in front of your silence,
meditating on your Word
and looking at your face
at the center of their  eyes.

Speak to me, O Lord,
that I may seek only to hear your voice
in the tumult and chaos of our time.

Speak to my heart and mind, dear God.

I cry to you, O God, for deliverance

Deliver  me from pride
that separates me from reality.

Deliver me from self-grandeur -
that seeks  to elevate my ego
and setting your throne below.

Deliver me from running away from you.

Take away my pride
that I may partake of Jesus` humility
with the sole resolve
to grant abundant life for many.

Take away from me my obsession of

self grandeur that I may only seek to raise you up
in the presence of your people.

Draw me closer to the wings of your love
that I may seek only to be enfolded
by your presence and love.

Come to my rescue, O Lord,
and never leave me. 

A Litany of Thanks

Thanks for my family, for my husband and children.

Thanks for the neighbors who welcome us each day
with smiles and kind words.

Thanks for my work at school that calls me to wake up
each early morning and to rejoice over the day that ends.

Thanks for the churches that gather together
to sing songs of praise and read your word
and talk over cups of tea and coffee.

Thanks for the shops in town
that provide our daily needs for the kitchen
for our daily survival.

Thanks for the public transport
that enables us to commute whereever we want.

Thanks for the computer and internet
that opens windows to knowledge
and information at the click of our fingers.

Thanks for the sorrows
that enable us to ask for courage from you.

Thanks for time and space
that make us long for those
who have died, and those who live far away from us.

Thanks for food each day on our table
that sustains us with strength for our daily tasks.

Thanks for your love
that reminds us of your presence eternal.


the church tent in front of Idræt Center
Glimpse of the "mysterium"
            in a family legacy
                     and church rituals

One of my students  asked me, "Why are you a Christian? Why do you go to church?"The questions have encouraged me to pose and dig deeper into myself.

Yes, I must admit that my Christian parents trained me to go to church Sunday after Sunday, that the invitation to come to church regularly with them has enabled me to see the church as  an extension of family life, where God is experienced together with the community of believers.

Without this training and without their invitation, I would have followed a different path, but I am thankful that this legacy passed on by my parents is something that I have embraced. It has given meaning to my life, a  sense of purpose and a strong ground to dwell on even if  storms and problems arise. I am not alone. I do not live for myself. I exist in relation to God and in relation to others. This understanding has to be celebrated in rituals or in silence, or through other forms of expression.

If I should reminisce the good things  my parents have done to my life, I should point out that their support for the  spiritual dimension of my existence is  the greatest legacy they have passed on. It provides me the solid ground to operate my life on, --to bind myself  and be guided by questions and reflections on what is religious, what is ethical and what is existential. The church as an extension of the family, with its ground mission rooted in the life and ministry of Jesus, reinforces the spiritual dimension of my being.

To believe in God is a personal experience though the eyes of faith. One of the students further asked, "How do you know for sure that there is God?" which made me ask myself; what if my parents had not invited me to their Christian faith and to their Christian church, would have I faith in God? My answer is yes. I think God has other forms of revealing His presence. I think the human heart will always be able to catch the glimpse of God.

Coming to church for the worship service is a valuable part of my time, my way of surviving. To sit down and to sing psalms, to listen to the reading of the texts from the Bible, to listen to the preaching of the Word, to partake of the Holy Communion, to bow my head in silence and to light a candle for prayer, to receive the benediction, to give an offering, to shake the hand of a friend or sharer of faith are but experiences which I do value very much and which I look forward  towards the end of the week-end.

The worship service is refreshing, enabling me to begin life again, to draw inspiration, to feel being listened by God to whom I raise my silent voice in honest prayers. The encounter with God at that particular moment of time in songs,readings,  silence and prayers gives  me the strenght to face the next day and the following days.

Velkommen til vores hjemmeside
Glimpse of the "mysterium" in being able to forgive

Often we sin and regret to have sinned.We can struggle to refrain from sinning or  decide to give ourselves a new chance by forgiving ourselves.

But not only that we sin, often we experience,too, being  sinned against by others. It is also a struggle to be able to forgive those who sin against us. It becomes much easier  to react our being sinned against by ignoring them or by openly showing our anger, disgust, hate by negative words or curses we can openly and loudly speak out  against them, whom we think have done us wrong. Often we have the tendency to defend and prove our own innocense.

But our way of responding to being sinned against which aborts  the ability of our  heart to forgive creates the poison inside us which is enough to choke us, to drain us out of  our energies.The more we try  to will not to forgive those who have sinned against us, the more we become embittered and unhappy inside us. The human heart finds hatred its abode and we experience the deep sorrow  of losing our  ability to love.

The forgiving nature in our hearts comes from the glimpse of the "mysterium" who has given his life so that we who sin and are being sinned against can live by feeling the pulsing, loving beats of our own hearts meant for that "mysterium" who has created and forgiven us, the  loving beats of our hearts  for ourselves and for those around us.

All in the Hands of God
All in the hands of God

In the morning when I rise from sleep
I rub my eyes and recall my dreams
The morning comes as new beginning
A new day to live, a new day to hope,
a new day to love.

In the evening when the sun goes down
I close my eyes and listen to the spirit within
The evening comes as silence in the ocean
A journey to rest, a time to search
to find strength in God.

The morning, the evening
the cycle of seasons, our waking and sleeping
in our dreams, in our journey, in our life
are in the hands of God.

Velkommen til vores hjemmeside
"Skilt fra Gud kan jeg intet gøre"

Grenen er knyttet til stammen
Grenen i stammen bærer frugter
Grenen i stammen bærer blomster
Grenen får livet fra stammen.

Grenen der er skåret fra stammen
falder på jorden
Grenen der falder ud fra stammen
visner og dør.

Grenen der er skilt fra stammen
 stopper med 
at bære frugter og blomster.

Skilt fra Gud kan jeg intet gøre
Skilt fra Gud kan vi intet gøre. 

 den 20. september 2008

The Ego

The Ego

What is it in one`s ego
to seek to feel important
to be affirmed uniquely as someone?

What is it in one`s ego
to have one's self glorified,
appreciated and talked about
as someone, really really special?

What is it the ego serves
that its hunger and thirst cannot be fulfilled?
The ego serves itself to bloat itself
and to fulfill itself.
Like a living monster in all that we are,
the ego devours self-admiration
and all the self-glorification -
to be the number one, the Super-One.

But the ego must be subdued
by the dominon of Christ
that it is Jesus Christ, made the center of life,
to be served, the fulfilling goal in life
And service is not meant to serve
the thirst and hunger of the living monster
in us, the ego, but to serve our Lord,
and Creator of us all.

E. P. Olesen

On a Pensionist Summer Camp

On a Summer Camp for Retirees

A gathering of retired men and women,
white haired, and wrinkled on thier faces
Some of them are holding on to a cane
as they walk, or others are on wheel chairs
These men and women shake as they move
but still they wear the smart looks and beauty
of the passing years.

Here is a summer camp for the retirees!
What a display of talents unlimited!
The piano plays a tune, others sing
psalms at the top of their voice,
another preaches a touching homily,
while others extend their ears
and company to the most aloft and lonely.

Others cook food, serve the meal
and wash the plates, while others display
their artistic skills in painting or setting
order to the place they are meeting.
Others use their driving skills
as they pick up new arrivals
or send off others to the train or bus station.

What does this pensionist camp tell me?'
Is it enough to value their warmth
and friendship, to giggle at how they laugh
with the active children mixed in their midst?
What more the presence
of these retirees tell me?

How important to have the aged among us!
How privileged we are to see them each day!
They are but a reminder
of the growing wisdom in time,
 a living witness
to everyone's setting of the sun.
We need the old among us.

Velkommen til vores hjemmeside

Join Us... This Easter, Christ


Why did you have to die, Christ?

Why did you die  and live after your  dying?

People have forgotten that you have died.

Your cross is only meant to adore our necklines.

People have forgotten that you have resurrected.

Your grave is adorned by our goods of convenience.


Why did you have to die, Christ?

Why did you wake up from the dead?

And assure us that you are with us in our daily life?

Why did you have to die, Christ

And proclaim life after death ?


Yes, we need you, Christ

to claim life over our ways of dying.

We need you, Christ, in our daily life

stamped  with sorrows, fear, pain and hatred,

in our sea of hurts and longing for

rest and peace in the heart.


Come and join with us this Easter feast

Let your cross bear us that we can walk

 Through the valleys of death in our life.

Let your grave be opened to spread the

Incense of the central values in life

You have taught us to live and emulate.

April 2009

Velkommen til vores hjemmeside
May 2009
God Pinse
   Happy Pentecost

Now another holiday is coming when we mark the descending of the Holy Spirit to everyone`s heart.
Let these  forthcoming days fill our life with peace, joy and hope in the midst of problems and crises in the world!

I do hope I can do some paintings this week-end and to paint the holiday season. Take care and please keep in touch.


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