Philip outside the church beside his father and mother.

Philip, happy to receive flowers as gifts from his girlfriends in school.

Phlip, in front of the church again after the worship service, winked at some guests who appeared from different corners.

Philip with his own family,his sisters--Anna, Jenny and Maya and parents- Beth and Jens.

Erna, dear friend from Germany and some friends from the Focolare Movement.Here are Anna and Jenny.

A pose inside the church of Tyrstrup after the worship service.

still inside the church, posing with other confirmation candidates. Pastor Carsten was the officiating priest.

Posing together with the church pastor.

Jonas in blue t-shirt, the best friend of Philip here in Christiansfeld. Jonas, to the left in checkered shirt is Philip`s classmate in Brøndby Strand from the first class.

A closer look at the girls and boys.

During the party. Philip, occupying the table together with his own family and Jonas.Sitting in front of Philip is the grandfather, Arne.

Philip, listening to the speech of his father.

Philip, receiving packages of gifts in a basket, used in a sang as written by Helga, Jens` sister.

some of our good neighbours in Christiansfeld.

Good friends from the Philippines.

A table for the young people. Joachim, Rebecca and Mathias from Brøndby Strand and Mark and Philip in Kolding together with Anna and Jenny.

table of some good friends in Christiansfeld.

Maya, taking care of the table for the small children. Vicky was with her.

Table of guests from Copenhagen and near the border.

Laura and Jens Dahl from the International Church in Kolding and Arne and Hanne Kristoffersen from Brøndby Strand, Anders Ringby and Elma and Ella from the Focolare Movement.

Some good friends in town with the family and town doctor, Hanne Christensen, in orange blouse.

Some from Jens`family--Ole, the brother, Helga the sister and others

Gunnar and Helga, Bjarne og Elsie Marie and grandchild....

Jens brother, Ole and Karen and Henrik with their son.

Some good friends in Kolding: Hanne Thinggaard, Vasker fra Nepal....

Maya, the sister of Jens`mother in the family table

table for children and young people. They had time going to the basement to play during some short breaks.

The six year old Bastian, wondering why there are so many people?

A picture of the tables to the right

The table for Philips`gifts. More gifts came in by envelopes. Philip received a cash gift of 12,400 kroner.

Philip changed to t-shirt, felt uneasy to be smart...stands beside the table for gifts.

Philip, wearing a big hat, singing the song prepared by Else.

Philip with the hat on, roaming around to find the next person to put the hat on while the singing went on...It was great fun.Thanks Else!

Jens, putting his own hat, out of the plastic bag ...

Else Bech Larsen, making a speech for Philip. Very deep and loving...

From the Focolare, Elma and Ella, singing two songs, asking people to sing together. It was great fun.

Philip with his sisters, Maya and Anna. Ella from the Focolare stands beside Maya.

Oh, wait, we are not ready!

Erna, surrounded by mother Annalis and Beth`s daughters, Jenny and Anna

Erna, feeling comfortable or at home in the family table?

Maya, Ole and Anna-Marie, the wife of Jens brother, Johannes. Johannes died of cancer two years ago.

"Oh, grandfar, I have not seen you for quite a long tim", says Maya.

Elsie Marie and Bjarne. Elsie Marie is the sister of Jens.

Ole and Asse Bech Larsen. Ole, the brother of Jens. Asse helped us get a space at the Menighedshuset to use the place for the party and provided an instrument for cutting the meat into good pieces.

Charlotte and Finn with their two lovely daughters. Charlotte is the niece of Jens.

more on the family members of Jens together with some church members.

Niels Jørgen Wive around the table together with those from Copehagen.

Hanne Thinggaard, talking on the good old days with common friends, Arne and Hanne from Brøndby Strand

Hanne, the town doctor!

Jens and Krista Thanks, Krista, for accompanying the singing by piano. It created a good atmosphere! Thanks a lot!

The good neighbours who live next door...Helga and Verner

Our great neighbours at Christian V11 vej.

The day before Philip`s great day. Erna arrived from Germany. Mother Annalis and Arne, Jens`parents arrived from Thy.

The sister of Jens, Betty, the mother of the little boy, Bastian.

Beth, relaxing together with Mother Annalis and Erna.

Philip, hopping and hopping while waiting for his great day.Philip with his sister, Maya.

The art to gather and to celebrate life!
Kunsten til at samles og fejre livet!

The confirmation of Philip, the last child in the family,was last  Sunday, the 6th of May. There were 82 people who were gathered for the event. We held the party at the Menighedshus of the local church.

See some of the photos🤒😥😘

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I think I should also spend time writing poems in Danish. For quite a period of time, I have only concentrated on writing poems in English.

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Kære Elizabeth - du rørte mig med din tekst om at overleve gennem kunsten. Jeg kender det selv som en delvis fremmed med udenlandsk opvækst. Vi ses i Simonpete

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Fantastisk smuk hjemmeside.

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