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Iraq, When Will You Stop Bleeding?


Iraq, When Will You Stop Bleeding?

Yesterday it was suicide bomb
that exploded in your
busy market killing the innocent crowd
and making deep holes in your ground
and burning all the standing metals.

Today it’s another suicide bomb
sending fragments of your innocent children,
women and your guarding policemen
into small bits of flesh without any face.

Today, another suicide bomb
explodes in the heart of town
killing your people by 30s, 50s or hundreds
and wounding a hundred more as future invalids.

Today more suicide bombs
are denoted by men and women
hitting and exploding without mercy
among the masses,in your parks
shops,schools,offices and cemeteries
and aiming at the death of the Allied Forces.

Iraq, when will you stop bleeding?
The world is earnestly waiting.

April 23, 2010

Women Trafficking in Europe

Women Trafficking in Europe

Sold as cheap goods
deceived,treated as slaves.

Like robots they move,
told what to eat and wear
how to react and sell.

Raped, maltreated,
they earn some pennies
with the greater share
for the wallets of their masters.

Women, women, women
from many corners in the globe
trafficked as cheap commodities-
a living witness
to our own insanity.

(after seeing a documentary film)
March 5, 2010

A Man Without A Name

A Man Without A Name

I see him often along the street
of Kolding Train Station
A black man with his curly hair
that seems not to have been washed in years
A man with no smile on his dirty face
A man with a bottle of beer on his lips
and a lighted cigaret
between his finger tips.

What is he doing
along the open road
while others are hurrying
to their place of work?
Why is he having much time to spare
while others claim they
don`t have time and run with stress?

What is he doing along the open road
while others would rather hide
in the comforts of their gold?

What is this lost man doing in an open road,
when he stands without a name,
a story to tell, honour and shame?

Why do we find many more like him
without their names, who find the open streets
as their home to dwell?

Why Are We in Iraq?

Why Are We in Iraq?


I have seen them as Iraqi refugees

as they grapple to learn the new language

I have seen their tears as they recall

the stories of their escape and those

loved ones they behind have left

I have shared their joys as they finally

get hold of the asylum papers which

they, for many years, have waited.


I have seen them too, the other Iraqi refugees

who for many years in asylum centers

must wait as their case is being treated

I have watched their dream to get asylum,

learn the new language and find job slowly

fading away as smashed candle in the dark.

I have shared their fears and tears

as they get deported and denied

the passport to live in peace.


And you ask  me why  we are in Iraq

while her own population is like

the scattered herd wandering if ever

they have a country they can return to and rebuild?




More American soldiers to Afghanistan?

And 30, 000 More


And 30, 000 more

should march to the gallows in Afghanistan.

And 30,000 more

American soldiers to bring peace to the land

And 30,000 more

children of their mothers who should face the rage

 and fury of the terrorist minds.


Where are they heading?
Why are they marching

with their weapons and machine guns?

Here they come to these gallows

grabbing the invisible enemies and

sharing together the same graveyards.


And 30,000 more are snatched from

the bosom of their own mothers

And 30, 000 more doubt in their heart

if they could ever come home next Christmas.


Why 30,000 more?



December 2, 2009

Response to Obama´s decision to send 30,000 more American soldiers to Afghanistan.






Nobel Prize Award to a Newly-elected President

Peace Award to Barack Obama


Awarded to one head of nation

Who thinks he doesn’t deserve

But feels honoured to be

in the company of those

who in centuries have worked for peace.


Awarded to one head of a nation

 with his shared vision on peace

 in political campaigns, dialogues

 and speeches, a shared aspiration

of  all the international communities. .


An award to one head of states, worthy

 to  be shared with  those who actively

and silently have worked for peace

and upheld the dignity of all persons

irrespective of their colour, sex and  ages.


A Nobel Peace Prize of Peace to Obama

A common award worthy to be shared

with soldiers and mothers, common citizens

and philanthropists, students, teachers, scientists

and activists  and all those who fight that the world

we live in maybe a safe habitat for all.


Yes, let this shared peace award to one head of state

be a continuous call to common action
against the grave economic crises in treasuries,

the climate change in the globe of earth,

the escalation of military weapons

and the wage against the tentacles of terror.


After the Nobel Prize Peace Award was granted to the President of the United States of America, Barack Obama .  

Wings of Peace 20x30 cm acryl på lærred

Overskrift 1

Congratulations, USA!


Today you gather and dance

Celebrate the great moments

in your history, inaugurate

Barack and Joe to lead you.


Today you honour your virtues

and values, the creed by which

your founders have laid down

the fundamental law of the land.


Today you sing your hymn,

Pay tribute to your flag

And recite the credo of freedom,

equality and human dignity.


Today is the moment to mark

yourself as one nation, bounded

by the common hope and vision

as  individuals and community

under God’s blessings and mercy.


January 21, 2013

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I think I should also spend time writing poems in Danish. For quite a period of time, I have only concentrated on writing poems in English.

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