Some of the children at Day Care Two. The center has two classes. Day Care two has children from 5 to 6 years old.

at the Day Care two, the center is still on the making.

The teachers for Day Care one and two in Hingotanan Island

Getting fresh air, out of their classroom.

on the way home.

Playing together outside the classrooms, singing and dancing.

Come, let us play at recess time. Children have the right to play.

Come, let us play more.

Come, let us pose in front of the camera. Let me see myself on the picture.

Stand up and let us sing and do actions to the song.(Day Care 2)

Jumbre, a boy with a teddy bear from Denmark, standing beside his sister and brother. Jumbre was blind and now could see after an eye operation with the help of friends from Denmark and the contact of DMI.

Let`s go to beach and help clean.

Hi, we are DMI children and now are in the Elementary School in the island.

Don`t push, "I want to see what is that?"

DMI Center in Maomaowan Island, starting to gather for a meeting with the parents. Beth`s visit in the island and news about rice distribution and general cleaning of the surroundings.

Inside the classroom of DMI Maomaowan Center. The teacher is Christie Benetiz

More inside the classroom on a Saturday afternoon.

Elected officers of DMI Maomaowan for the parents`organization.

Parents in the DMI Hingotanan center, preparing for a meeting with Beth and the teachers.

Norma, giving orientation on school expectations.

Mothers, attending while taking care of their small babies.

DMI committee meeting in the island at DMI Center one evening.

Some DMI children, attending a worship service in Hingotanan local church, singing and reciting BIblical verse to their parents on the pews.

Hingotanan Island on a little distance from a boat ride.

Here are photos of the Development Ministry to the Islands in the two fishing islands in Maomaowan and Hingotanan. This is a program supported by Bierstadt Church in Germany. I visit this project every two years and make a report to Germany on the problems and development.
Photos were taken in July this year 2008.

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20.09 | 13:16

I think I should also spend time writing poems in Danish. For quite a period of time, I have only concentrated on writing poems in English.

08.03 | 09:55

Kære Elizabeth - du rørte mig med din tekst om at overleve gennem kunsten. Jeg kender det selv som en delvis fremmed med udenlandsk opvækst. Vi ses i Simonpete

07.01 | 14:51

Fantastisk smuk hjemmeside.

14.02 | 23:41

Super flort hjemmeside
jeg er hel vil ned dine hjemmeside :)

jeg har også selv en men det kun med tegninger :)
kig forbi og huske og skriv i GB lige som jeg gør nu :)


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