Poems on Human Alienation and Attempt at Writing Haiku Poems
Sheer Egoism at Ramasola
Sheer Egoism at Ramasola

Who else would not love his own image?
Even the crude Narcissius loved himself
in a pool of water.

We feed and worship our image
from the crude shadows in the still waters
to the bright reflections of the silver mirrors
and to the wise manipulations over
the lenses of the camera men and women.

We pose and change suits
giggle at the transfer of life
into the shiny papers and borrowed colours
tailor our dead sizes,
enlarge these still pictures
in frames and hang them on walls.

We pay the high cost of joy
of our tailored image
stamped on papers and tucked on wood
kissed by glasses and adhesives.

And never will the price alter
the rising and ebbing tide
of the ego`s worship
to our own human form.

(taken from my first book of poems,
" A Pulse for my Country People", p. 51)
Walls and not Bridges

Let Us Build Bridges

Let us build bridges
          the bridge of tolerance
              the bridge of acceptance
                 the bridge of understanding
                       the bridge of hope
                            the bridge of love.

Let us walk on these bridges
   knowing the pain and  toil 
             in conceiving  them
      remembering the endless hours 
               and years in hammering them
      guarding  the threats posed 
                  for their own destruction.
Let us walk on these bridges
        convinced that on these bridges we
         lay down our weapons for  peace.  

A Wall Between Us

There is a wall between us
a wall that has stood for years
a wall without a door
a wall that hinders our eyes
from making a glimpse
at each other`s side.

There is a wall between us
a wall which puts on layers
of broken glasses and thorns
for protection and self preservation,
a wall so high and impenetrable
neither of us can reach nor climb.

There is a wall between us
a wall that catches the rays
of the sun only for itself,
a wall that deprives our common garden
from warmth and sunshine,
making our own garden cold and dry.

There is a wall between us
a wall that has stood for years
a wall without a door
a wall that has grown by layers
of thorns and broken glasses we put on,
a wall that steals away the rays
of our common sun.

Here is this giant wall between us
a wall we have built for many years
a wall that makes us dwarfs to break down,
a wall that chokes the life and growth
of our common garden,
a wall that makes us fall apart.

Elizabeth Padillo Olesen
Whisper to Despair/ When the Heart is Cold
A Whisper To Despair

Don`t stifle your creativity
by anyone`s indifference and coldness
Let nothing extinquish your spirit
that which values you as a person
which surrounds you with love-
that which comes from God.

Channel your creative energy
into something productive.
You are not called to die
but called to live-
to affirm and uphold life

Be strong in the Lord.

Elizabeth P. Olesen
When the Heart Is Cold

Når hjertet er koldt, for koldt til at sige tak
til at sige de ord, som værdsætter de gode i den anden,

Når hjertet er koldt, for koldt til a sige, "Tilgiv mig"
for ord og handlinger, som med vilje eller  tilfældigt
bliver sagt for at gøre den anden ondt.

Når hjertet er koldt, for koldt til at sige, "Jeg elsker dig"for at gøre fællesskabet for de to dybere
det, som kunne have bekræftet den andens værd.

Når hjertet er koldt, for koldt til at se den andens øjne
at kende at den anden eksisterer lige ved siden af dig.

Når hjertet er koldt, for koldt til at åbne ørerne or høre den andens græde, for koldt til at lytte til de tanker, der ikke bliver udtalt - og lydløse hvisken.

Når hjertet er koldt, fængslet af den ufølsomhed
til at forstå, føle og høre,så vender din næstes verden og bliver torturkammer af tabt selv-agtelse og værdi, et koldt døde-kammer
som ødelægger livets mening og håb.

Elizabeth Padillo Olesen in English,  When the Heart Is Cold,
translated into Danish by Kirsten Lange.
A Calloused Heart / 30x40 cm acrylic on canvass by EOP
Hell in human alienation
  The Unloved

All are locked up inside.

They can`t be read.
They can`t be heard.

Hammered by a steel iron!

Of Friendship and Human Alienation

"Hell is  other people"
barks Sartre in his "Exit".

But heaven is also other people
in all the knots tied up
   by a smile
   a laughter
    a touch
 a handshake
 and an open trust.

And the gate of heaven
because the two cease
    to be strangers.

Hell is when each knot is blotted out
and when what remains
is the residue
of a nurtured cut.

And the two hide
from the darkness
of fear to reach out.

Elizabeth P. Olesen
Attempt on Haiku Poems

Attempt at writing Haiku poems 
   Elizabeth Padillo Olesen


Golden leaves at fall
kiss the ground
to celebrate the joy
in union with mankind.


Bamboos at night swing
with the winds as if a mother
is there putting her beloved
to sleep by a sweet lullaby.


The waves of the sea
splash to the shore
the message is reached
the seas and shores are one.


Have you seen this tulip flower
bursting from the ground?
Why is there life when given
the chance to blossom? 


Snow covers the ground
They cover the grasses
they are white and they melt
when the sun shines.


Red rose, red rose
I see your smiles in your red petals
I see you have robust heart
seen through  your thorns.


I feed the ducks today
in the lake in a park
I do it so often and I am glad
to see the ducks coming up to me.

A droplet of rain
kisses my skin
A droplet of rain
wakes up my senses
I am not alone
under the blanket of heaven. (24)


Cotton candy clouds
paint the sky
They look down and smile
at the barren heart of mine. (17)

Here comes autumn
making the leaves
golden in colour.
Autumn comes
Autumn goes
Our life is leaves in autumn. (19)


Is there beauty in tornado
that swirls and swirls around
finding its victims
to scream in fright?  (17)


Tell me about the volcano
Why its heart is filled with flame and fire?
Why saliva from its mouth
spreads chaos and fear all around?  (25)


My cat seeks friendship in my touch
She says "meow"
and licks her body,
a godly gesture of hospitality.    (18 words)

(7-12, written September 22, 2008)

The Lost Man in Kolding

I see him often along the street
of Kolding Station
A black man with his curly hair
that seems not to have been  washed in years
A man with no smile on his face
A man with a bottle of beer
on his lips
and a lighted cigarett between
his finger tips.

What is he doing
along the open road
while others are hurrying
to their place of work?
Why is he having much time to spare
while others claim they
don`t have time and full of stress?

What is he doing along the open road
while others would rather hide
in the comforts of their gold?

What is this lost man doing in an open road,
when he stands without a name,
a story to tell, honour and shame?  

(still to be worked on. written on the bus, seeing the same man on the street of Kolding,  October 1, 2008)

Posedame ved Kolding Station

The Homeless Woman in Kolding  

She is there everyday
a woman in her fifties
a woman on tattered pants
and thin blouse
a woman I have feared
if ever she can survive
the  cold winter.  

Here is this woman
at the Kolding Station
at a station, that is  reaping its importance
by tourist buses that come by-
a station showing its elegance
by the creation of the modern library in town,
a  town, meeting the challenges in our time. 

Here is this woman
at the Kolding Station 
carrying her plastic bags-
the only treasure she has-
plastic bags she carries along
as she moves
from one corner  to  the other,
from one bench to the other
as she seeks to find a place
to sleep in a sitting position.  

Here is this woman at the Kolding Station
where people come and go
where human voices and echoes  of machines
mingle in the ears of passengers.
where time is both long and short
for those who wait and those who leave.

And in the midst of these
here is this homeless woman
with her plastic bags
and only herself she can talk with.  

EP, October 2, 2008 

To be further revised.

Earthquake in Central Italy

Earthquake in Central Italy

(L`Aquila, April 6, 2009)


The earth- crust collides

The ground shakes

And those who sleep

awake with fright.


The earth opens her mouth

The buildings collapse

And those who are not

lucky enough are swallowed,

hidden and  buried alive.


Who can predict nature

when it unleashes its

fury over humanity?


Fragile men and women are we

in absolute dependence

on God’s mercy!


Elizabeth Padillo Olesen

April 2009

The Cold Hands of Loneliness

The Cold Hands of Loneliness


Asking but without being heard

Asking but without being answered

Asking but without being looked at in the eyes.


Silence and food is not shared on the same table

Silence and the sounds are the loud tunes in TV programs.

Silence and the door is slammed without saying goodbye


Gasping and the daily chores roll on

Gasping and the days repeat in great monotone

Gasping, feeling left all alone in the cold corner in town.


November 24, 2009





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