Paintings done during the Autumn Holiday 2007
Paintings with explanation

Choose a painting  on Gallery 7 (only) and pay for 150 kroner each  without a frame. This is a Christmas offer only up to January 6  to say Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I`ve got about 20 pieces of work I will show here. (I don`t know I can make it all this evening, I will find another time.)

Make your order  by e-mail and I can send to you by post.

Vælg  et maleri på galleri 7 og betal for 150 kroner for et stykke du vælger. Det er bare et tilbud kun til den 6. january  for at sige
 Glædelig jul og godt nytår.
Jeg har mere end 20 stykker jeg vil vise her frem.
Lav din bestilling og jeg skal nok sende det til dig via post.
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Outstreched Hands 30x40 cm

All of us can come to a point of  despair, of saying to ourselves that we have exhausted all possibilities of saving ourselves, and what is left is a dark tunnel of nowhere. Despair sets in and deep in ourselves, we wish to scream the last scream of hope if only to get rid of the mess and horror of the situation we are in. One who loses this point of hope deep in one`s heart chooses to end one`s life by his own hand. But others who keep the light of hope do the last step to stretch out  their  crumpled hands to the one who knows the deepest darkness of pain and rejection. The cross of Jesus becomes a beacon of hope.

Reaching Out the Sun akryl på lærred 30x40cm
At beholde troen og håb, når livet går ondt
Rise Up When You Stumble 30 x40 cm akryl på lærred
Natural need for harmony within and outside one`s being

The need for everyone to find harmony within one`s self and outside one`s being.Without this harmony inside and outside, it is easy for everyone to crumble, to lose the strength to be whole as a person. When the sense of wholeness is lost, one lives as one being  disintegrated  and fragmented into simple parts which are difficult to put together again.

Seeking for Harmony Søgning efter harmoni
Every one needs to master one`s self , to feel dependent on others and around one`s self and yet independent to do what his will, mind and soul dictate. This is closer to every one`s search for self-fulfillment.
Seeking to Master One`s Self 30x40 på papir
Længsel i hjertet

There is a constant longing in the heart which seems cannot be satisfied. Every one is on a continuous search for something that can satisfy  one`s self. Once something to gladden the heart is being reached, there the heart searches for something more. It is only God where every man and woman can find rest in the constant searching and running. There is a circle encircling the bird--to affirm that the God whom we can run to in our final search--is perfect and has a space to keep us in.

Continuous Flight 30x40 cm akryl på lærred
Hope in the desert. The hope that comes from the cross brings life to a barren land. It brings hope to empty hearts.
Hope and the Cross 30x40cm akryl på papir
The Promise

"Let Not Your Hearts Be Troubled", says Jesus.

The descending of the Holy Spirit brings the promise that gives hope to the troubled hearts.

"Let Not Your Hearts Be Troubled" 30x40cm akryl på papir
At nå andre

Nobody lives for himself. One is meant to live with others. When someone feels not part of those around him, life is experienced as something empty. Life, if it has to be lived, has to be lived together with others in harmony. This is part of the reality of life. Each one lives in relation to others.Our free hands move in order to reach out...

Reaching Out 30x40 cm akryl på papir
Shining Out

As we give ourselves to others in the spirit of sharing and love, we do experience the shining rays from our insides shining through and touching those whom we reach out. Our joys grow and our energies multiply, ready to receive more tasks.

Shining Through 30x40cm akryl på lærred
The Smile of Nature
The place of flowers in nature puts in place the smiles of nature. Can you ever think going to bushes and forests without a glimpse of the colours of the flowers? The flowers are the real  art exhibition of nature to our eyes.
When Flowers Bloom 30x40cm akryl på lærred
The lines that form
Overskrift 1

Every line starts with a dot. A dot has its beginning and its end. Every line creates a formation, a formation with a starting point and an end. Life is both a dot and a line. Life begins and life ends. Whatever formation that is found in life has its face of a beginning and an end.

Leaves from the forest
Leaves in the woods

Last autumn gave me time to walk in the woods and pick up some leaves. Here are some of the leaves I plastered on the canvass, and painted with akryl. I just find it good to find a material from nature and preserve it with colours and put it on a pedestal through a canvass to affirm its uniqueness and greatness as part of God`s creation.

Shaping colours through waters on canvass
This is just an experiment of finding the movement of colours on canvass when being mixed with water. Water as source of life determines the movements and the direction of  the formation of the  image that is born.
Keep on experimenting.
Human Life in the Heart of Creation
Who is Man, that You Are Mindful of Him?

A human being is in the heart of creation. The beauty in creation is around him to enjoy and to be responsible for. Such a human being should define his role and his relationship to creation if it should be healthy or destructive.

Ét digt til Dronning Ingrid
To the Mother of the Danish Queen
When Queen  Ingrid died on November 7, I was still a student at Zahles Seminarium in Copenhagen,  and I attempted to write this short verse for her in the Danish language. I was amazed at the great love the Danes poured out for the mother of the Queen. During my holiday I tried to retrieve this verse and made an illustration on canvass.

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I think I should also spend time writing poems in Danish. For quite a period of time, I have only concentrated on writing poems in English.

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