About Lene

Jouet The One... & me spring 2013.

Lene is approved by FCI to judge the following breeds:

Toy, dwarf, miniature and standard poodles
tibetan terrier
papillon and phalene
bearded collie

and have had the pleasure to judge in Canada, Australia, England, Ireland, France, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Luxembourg, Czeck Republic, Finland, Norway, Sweden and Denmark.

I was touched by the poodle bug over 40 years ago.

My facination of poodles began long before the first poodle joint the Jakobsen family.
Spending many holidays at my grantparent's brushing, feeding, playing and taking long walks together with grandpa and "Perle" the small black standard poodle.

Growing up in Belgium the first black standard poodle female Multi. Ch. Eminent Jou Jou Noir joint the household when my parents decided that my brothers and I should experience the many joys a dog brings.
Connie started showing Danish bred Jou Jou with great success.
Venturing into the dogshow world I had a good laugh
at how ridiculous the show poodles looked.
No way would I ever spend my time so foolishly but the seed was planted!

All through my teenage years I helped Connie raising and training the first Jouet litters and started doing Junior Handling which at the time was introduced.

After having moved back to Denmark Connie couldn't find a suitable stud male for Jou Jou's two daughters Chaperon and DK. Ch. Jouet Duchesse De Jou Jou and got the idea to import the closest relative to Am. Eng. Can. Ch. Bibelot's Tall Dark And Handsome possible.
But several long-time breeders cautioned her about how difficult it was to have males together with females in a household.
At the time I had moved away taking my education and as I wanted a dog for obedience it was arranged that the coming male would be my first standard male living with me.
As fade wanted it the puppy male wasn't meant to be instead the black puppy female Int. DK. D. VDH. Ch. Bibelot's Sweetheart For Jouet became my first own standard poodle.

A few years later Am. Can. Int. Nord. VDH. D. L. Ch. Pamala Bibelot Jouet Noble "Blackfoot" the first male owned by Jouet moved into my appartment. Getting more and more involved showing dogs I wanted to learn more about grooming- and handling techniques and was lucky to become assistent for one of America's most respected handlers Barbara Humphries, California.
At the time the European show scene wasn't at all as advanced as the American so my stay in California was both exciting but also challenging.
Blackfoot became American champion quickly winning among other open class at PCA 1986 afterwards he won his Canadian Championship in a weekend's time.

In 1989 I had the "cryzy" idea to put Blackfoot in quarantine in Sweden so I could show him in the Scandinavian countries which otherwise was impossible to do at the time because of rabies restrictions.
Being adventurous I lived in Sweden and experienced the Scandinavian show scene and got to know the different poodlelines in dept.

About handling, breeding, mentoring and judging....
To be continued!

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06.06 | 19:07

Hej, I wonder if you have any plans for a litter of White mellem pudel puppies this summer or fall (2020)?
Best regards

25.04 | 22:03

Hello. We are very interested in adding a poodle to our family. Will you have any puppies available in the next few months ? Thank you. David, Anna and Jamie

29.12 | 21:06

No, not right now, but if you want to hear about our breedings plans for 2020 you are welcome to contract me on jouet@post.tele.dk

29.12 | 16:23

Hello ,
Do you have any black standard females available?

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