Welcome to the 3 mini musketeers!

Cookie and the musketeers.

We are very happy to annonce the arrival of
the 3 Jouet miniature musketeers

Jouet Heart Of Gold
Jouet Labor Of Love
Jouet Bundle of Laughs

The males were born on the 24.06.08 and are sired by

 Top producer multi champion
New York D'appolons Land
Optigen A
out of
Jouet Wind Of Change Optigen A

The musketeers 9 days old.

9 days old

"We are now 13 days old and are looking forward to get eyes, so we can start exploring the world more."

"It's good to dream about coming adventures!"

"Oh, what a big world to look at"

"Look at me I can sit"

"Now how do I walk ?!?"

" We are now a month old and got our faces clipped for the first time."

" What a big purse I caught"

"Look at me, I can sit..."

" ... and almost walk too!"

"Now that I'm 8 weeks old, I'm training on the stairs."

"What a good view I have from up here!"

"One for all - all for one."

"What an interesting garden Lene have."

"Watch out, we are expecting everything...."

" ....and checking the flowers too."

Jouet Labour Of Love aka "Lennie" pictured ½ year old.

Lennie: " Look at me how pretty I can sit just for little while!"

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06.06 | 19:07

Hej, I wonder if you have any plans for a litter of White mellem pudel puppies this summer or fall (2020)?
Best regards

25.04 | 22:03

Hello. We are very interested in adding a poodle to our family. Will you have any puppies available in the next few months ? Thank you. David, Anna and Jamie

29.12 | 21:06

No, not right now, but if you want to hear about our breedings plans for 2020 you are welcome to contract me on jouet@post.tele.dk

29.12 | 16:23

Hello ,
Do you have any black standard females available?

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