Poodle odyssey by Stephanie Crump, Pyx poodles, Canada

Article printed in The Danish poodle yearbook 1999.

What I take back from Denmark I will remember forever. I have been on a journey, a search for type. A search for that one poodle that embodies my vision of what type is.
Destiny and fate must have played a big part in my being at the right place, at the right time to make it all possible.

have been very few poodles over the years that really caught my eye. I have been to P.C.A. on a number of occasions; I have literally studied P.C.A. tapes day in and day out. I have seen beautiful head pieces or wonderful movement or well put together dogs, but all pieces and parts.
One day sitting in the grooming room watching a video of Lene with one of the Jouet dogs, a light went on in my head. There was a wish of joy, enthusiasm, anticipation and relief as I realized I was really seeing my first poodle.
You read the standard over and over and you map out in your head how you arre going to find or breed the one dog that you envision. You go over dog after dog and make your critique.
Seeing that dog opened my eyes and my mind and helped me see the poodle in the other dogs. What - in my opinion - makes a poodle is not just a prominent foreches, or balanced bones, or a length of neck, or a coat texture or color and so on and so on. I do not know that it can really be properly put into words. It is an air, an embodiment..... it is poodley..... it is a poodle.
My hosts - Connie, Lene and Bent Jakobsen - have been exceptional. I have really enjoyed learning about Denmark's history through Bent's stories and tours. I have got an understanding of the people, not only in Denmark but also Germany, France and Sweden from Lene's and Connie's introduction to many of the traditions, and traditional Danish dishes has been splendid. I have been impressed with Connie's dedication to the breed and undying enthusiasm for her dogs and Lene's artistry and enjoyment of judging dogs.
We have had some wonderful times, some long journeys, crazy weather, great meals, some great talks and discussions and some lessons learned.
So I go back to Canada with memories of some special poodles and a very special poodle family. My heart felt thanks.

Stephanie Crump, Pyx poodles, Canada

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06.06 | 19:07

Hej, I wonder if you have any plans for a litter of White mellem pudel puppies this summer or fall (2020)?
Best regards

25.04 | 22:03

Hello. We are very interested in adding a poodle to our family. Will you have any puppies available in the next few months ? Thank you. David, Anna and Jamie

29.12 | 21:06

No, not right now, but if you want to hear about our breedings plans for 2020 you are welcome to contract me on jouet@post.tele.dk

29.12 | 16:23

Hello ,
Do you have any black standard females available?

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