🤩A good friend of mine, Ole Olsen, also from Denmark and me had the possibility to visit the world famous Lütolf stud. We had high expectations because we have seen many pictures of outstanding birds on his web-site and we were wondering, how they look in real.
We had an invitation to visit Daniel in the middel of july 2011. So Ole and I took the chance and booked a train ticket wia Hamburg to Würenlos/Switzerland. Actually we are a littel bit too old to spend two nights on the train almost without any sleep, because there were no more compartments available. But it was worth it!

Daniel gave us a very warm welcome in the famely and his new house. They where just moved in a couple of week ago. so we were lucky to be amongst the first visitors to see his brand new avery.
The house and the huge garden are situated on the top of a hill and it offers a wonderful view into the Swiss Alps
About the birds: I have visited many diff.studs in the past 30 ears all ower Europe. I never saw so many  birds in such high quality and Different coler as here. We didnt see any birds who have cyst problems at all. This is unusual for a top stud like this.
My pictures cant pay credit to this birds and show their real size actually becuase they are really big.the zoom of my camera was simply not big enough.
Hope you all enjoy our pic and report and good luck with your birds.
BEST REGARDS Ole and Hans🤩

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Giorgio Perugini | Svar 29.12.2011 08.32

Hans I think Lutolf stud is one of the best!! thanks for the pitture

Arild S | Svar 10.10.2011 20.25

For en utrolig bredde : - )
Er det bodybuildere?

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06.03 | 19:40

Hei,God kveld. Jeg oppdretter engelsk undulat i Norge.Jeg vil kjøpe noen Undulat fra deg. Så lurer på om du har noen til salg. Jeg treffes på 004741456704.

07.08 | 19:42

Thank you

01.08 | 15:44

Fantastic budgerigars my friend

17.09 | 23:11

Lars - kan du ikke ringe til mig. Nr. 51165690 Taaaak ;0)"

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